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Comment 02 Apr 2019

go look at the numbers of last years team with Hue and then once he was let go. Sure, Williams was "in charge" but the defense stayed roughly the same numbers wise, I think we were in the bottom 10 of every category. The offense, however, went from a bottom 5 to a top 10 (I think 7th) and Kitchens (with the help of Baker) was the reason behind that. Kitchens would be an NFL HC for some team right now or next season, the Browns chose to keep him

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Haskins will still go in the 5-10 range. Teams always get desperate and trade up to get a QB. He might fall a little, he might go to a surprise team, but I will be shocked if he’s not a top 10 pick and not surprised if he’s not top 5 via trade. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

I am more so comparing Bama to someone like OSU. They might be equal to Auburn in terms of prep, but not somebody like OSU. 

This coming season, Bama plays at home vs Western Carolina while OSU has to play Penn State. OSU will need all hands on deck and no resting players the week before TTUN. Bama might not even dress its starting offense for that game.

It's obviously all a bunch of hypothetical's but, say Fields has to miss the PSU game, most of us fans would be worried about that game now. If Tua has to miss the Western Carolina game, would Bama fans even notice a difference?

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Alabama could not dress a single starter and win by 3 scores though. It’s about player rest, prep time, no travel. It’s always a bad team and always at home. There is no real pressure of losing but it also affects the chance of them losing the following week if they had to play starters that week, gameplan for that team, travel, play at a different time, etc

Comment 04 Mar 2019

It blows my mind! We only set ball screens. We pass left, cut right. Never pass left, screen right. We don't screen for Kaleb to try to get a switch on the block. We don't pick the picker.

Even basic high schools run quick hit out of bounds plays for shooters, we never do any of that.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I am pretty sure Funderburk is the DJ Funderburk starting for NC State along with Beverly. I was watching them play earlier this year and they mentioned him as a OSU transfer

Comment 20 Feb 2019

I don't understand why, and am kind of surprised, that college football doesn't go to more 3rd down packages. The NFL does it every drive. 3rd and 8, we know we have to throw here, they know we have to throw here, so let's get more guys on the field that can catch the ball and move the chains. I thought too many times last season we tried to stay with our base package just to not sub and it cost us. When we need a 3rd down conversion run out 3 WRs, a TE, and a pass catching RB. This season that could be any combo of guys but would love to see Wilson and Mack out wide, Hill in the slot, Ruckert at TE, and McCall in the backfield. This is a lot tougher on the D to cover all these guys and one should be 1 on 1

Comment 19 Feb 2019

trying to be unbiased, how does a HS kid not want to play for him.

1. He is coaching at a power house

2. He was just producing in the NFL within the last 5 years.

3. You get on twitter (as all HS kids do) and there is Hartline running routes in practice with the guys. Then a video of him competing in mat drills with the guys. He brings so much energy. I would be begging him for attention and an offer

Comment 17 Feb 2019

Because he also didn’t bring a championship to Cleveland? Cmon man, you don’t have to like him for not leaving a sustainable team behind, but he did what he had to do to win. And he didn’t have to do that in Cleveland. He chose too

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Hope this is the last time I ever hear, see, or read Kaepernick's name.

He wasn't on a team because his play did not outweigh the circus he was going to bring along.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

There is 100% a Nuthouse bus service on campus that runs through east campus and drops you off at the doors of the Schott 

Comment 12 Feb 2019

makes more sense. Coughlin hates rookies/young players. He almost always ops for the veteran

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Whoa whoa whoa! Kenny G never did anything here?!? Go check out the 2012 season and I’d bet you’d be surprised. Sure he wasn’t a world beater, not all of them can be. But smooth Kenny G holds a spot in this OSU fans heart. 

He also has the longest TD thrown (90 yards) and tied for most TD passes in a game (6)

Comment 31 Jan 2019

Honestly, I liked it. 

It wasn't anything fancy. My friend and I split the 6 pack and came to the conclusion that it tasted a lot like Yuengling. I would def buy it again or order it out. Plus, the cans look cool 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

I was at OSU the same time he was, so it was kind of a cool movement at the time. He was the Joey Lane for a final 4 team, a POY (Evan Turner) and a look behind the scenes before we really had twitter.