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**Spoilers ** Avengers: Endgame **Spoilers**

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April 26, 2019 at 10:19am

Spoiler alert for those that have not seen the movie yet.

Took the wife and two oldest to Endgame last night. We went to a local cheap theater that only takes cash and  had to wait in the rain for about 40 minutes before the theater opened up. Well worth getting soaked. What a movie. There was a lot of character development and it moved slow at times, but it really picked up in the back half.




I expected Cap or Iron Man to sacrifice themselves for everyone else, but did not expect it to go that route. Robert Downy Jr. was incredible throughout the movie. It was good to see him get some time with Pepper and his daughter before the end.

Black Widow and that was difficult to watch. I'm glad to see Black Widow go out the way she did, saving Ronin so he could be with his family again.

Cap getting time with Peggy was a good ending for him, but that has to screw up the timeline as The Ancient One told Banner.

I was very disappointed in all the cursing throughout the movie. For whatever reason, MCU has included more of it with each movie. We have enjoyed watching the MCU with the kids (have not let them watch GoTG and skip through many parts on some movies). However, if MCU keeps going this route we may have to call it quits on the franchise during family movie night.

Overall it probably ends up in the top 5, maybe top 3. Will have to watch it a few more times to catch all of the Easter eggs. I wonder if Harley will take up the Iron Man mantel in future movies.

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