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Comment 22 Apr 2019

No idea on how the Cersei, Jon, Dani thing resolves especially since the Dragons would listen to either Dani or Jon

With all of the talk about the north never accepting a southern ruler again, what about Jon taking the throne when all is said and done? Jon doesn't want it, but could take it out of duty and honor (similar to Ned becoming the hand). Sam becomes archmaester, Davos somehow makes it to the end and becomes hand to Jon. No idea if Dani would make it or die in the battle with NK. Hopefully Cersei is taken out by Arya.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

My theory: Arya goes to King’s Landing with Littelfinger’s face, and she slits Cersei’s throat with the Valerian steel dagger.  Then she puts on Cersei’s face and kills Euron. 

That would be great. Cersei realizing who killed her ala Walter Frey would be a fantastic scene. How would that reconcile with the prophecy stating her little brother would kill her?