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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running in the state cross country meet.
  • NFL TEAM: Cowboys

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Comment 10 Aug 2019
Have around 10,000 trading cards from the 80s and 90s. Not too many that are worth a lot unfortunately. Oldest item is a family bible from 1884. It was brought to Ohio by my great-great-great grandfather. My grandparents have the gun he took to Cincinnati when the confederates were marching that way and the Ohio governor requested men there to defend. Pretty sure they have a newspaper article and certificate of it as well. They were called squirrel hunters.
Comment 15 Jul 2019

Kid's dad in the video: "If I'd have been there, Zeke would have been the next guy on the ground."

Comment 06 Jul 2019
We got a Leesa a couple years ago as well. It's much better than the older mattress but I wish we would have spent a couple hundred more for the Purple. Leesa is OK, but is a bit soft for my liking after a couple years.
Comment 14 Jun 2019

Fat Jack's is good but is identical to The Pizzeria in Putnam county.

Best pizza was a small mom and pop place in Kona, HI.