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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running in the state cross country meet.
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Comment 19 Nov 2020

That’s their choice, and I’ve seen a lot of 70+ people doing the same. And if that’s they’re choice, people need to quit getting worked up about it. 

Bingo. The younger generations need to let the older generations choose how they will live the last years out. If they choose to stay away from everyone for the hope of getting a few more years to live, let them. If they choose to see their friends and family because they don't know how much longer they will have, let them.

Comment 15 Sep 2020
I have about 10 ghost peppers and 20 Carolina reapers in the garden. Want some?
Comment 06 Sep 2020
And though we all miss you everyday We know you're up there eating heaven's hay And here's the part that hurts the most Humans cannot ride a ghost
Comment 22 Jul 2020

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.  - Federalist #51

"We should all impress with great care, this truth on our minds—That it is very easy to change a free government into an arbitrary one, but that it is very difficult to convert tyranny into freedom." – Unsigned, Anti-Federalist No. 15, "Rhode Island is Right!" Massachusetts Gazette, December 7, 1787 

Comment 18 Jul 2020
I'm thankful we homeschool and dont have to worry about all the decisions being made. Many families are deciding to homeschool this year for a variety of reasons.
Comment 13 Jul 2020

2x state cross country meet participant with a PR of 17:06. Our CC team had won districts 11 years in a row and been to state for about 6 years in a row. Not a great time, but I dropped 5 minutes in four years of high school thanks to a coach who pushed us and great teammates. 

Wish I would have figured out the 400 was what I should have been running through all of high school track. It wasn't until our "distance 4x400" team nearly beat our normal 4x400 team that the coach forced me into the 400 my senior year. I was an alternate for the state meet, which the team placed 2nd at. In the hundreds of races I ran through jr. high and high school, I only won our county 800 meet, the last on my home track under the lights.

Hit a game winning 3 in CYO basketball my senior year. Coached CYO for five years after graduating and my last team placed 4th in Ohio. We were by far the smallest school to make it to the final four and lost both the final 4 game and the consolation game in double OT. They were heart breakers, but the kids played their hearts out. 

Comment 10 Jul 2020

All forums or articles that mention anything about masks, COVID or maybe no football quickly spiral out of control. There are idiots on both sides but there is always a bit of the hive mentality. I've skimmed through the chaos but have not weighed in on any of the hot takes.

Edit: We could always go back to the old days and have an old fashioned duel like Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Times change but people don't change all that much.