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Best Liquor Stores? Best Bourbon?

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April 14, 2018 at 7:49am

Happy Spring Game morning everyone. 

After decades of being pretty much a beer-only kind of dude that drank fairly regularly (pre-daughter days), I started drinking almost exclusively bourbon though I don’t.drink near as often because having a 16-month old just doesn’t allow it at the old rate. 

Anyway, I’ve buit up a collection of probably 25-30 bottles of bourbon or rye whiskey with most of my supply coming from 1837 Liquor in New Albany, Chateau Wine and Spirits over by Polaris Mall and then trips to Party Source in Newport, KY or a really good store in West Bloomfield, Michigan. 

With that, I have two questions.. 

1. Whether inside the great state of Ohio or not, where are the stores you leverage for their legit selections? 

2. What’s your best recommendation for a bourbon that isn’t too oaky and is instead more on the fruity/floral side?  




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