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F Michigan Friday Part 3

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October 12, 2016 at 1:23pm

The original F Michigan Friday thread and now F Michigan Friday Part 2 have become too cumbersome to scroll through. Under the authority of Knarcisi this will be the the new F Michigan Friday thread. I intended to make it Thursday but had a block of time to do it today.

We will bump this thread on Thursday nights as a reminder to give your best effort to refrain from creating a Michigan or Harbaugh thread on Friday. If something rises to a high level of importance then we will trust the eleven warriors staff to create a Buckshot or an article.

Additionally, there is a Jim Harbaugh open thread which we may consider streamlining too for all your Harbaugh posting needs. Whether it's what jersey Harbaugh is wearing, his wrestling matches, dinner outings at a steakhouse, or sleepovers the Jim Harbaugh open thread can be used until your heart is content.

Here is the Jim Harbaugh Open Thread Part 2 to post about Harbaugh to your heart's desire.

As we progress, we may consider expanding to additional days without TTUN content, but let's master Fridays first.

I've come a long way from being a young man needing to post every jot and tittle about Harbaugh to going cold turkey and never posting Harbaugh threads again and I owe it to F Michigan Friday.

Thank You for your attention in this matter and let's create a refuge from all the hype here on eleven warriors for at least one day. Go Bucks!

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