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PS4 or XBox One?

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November 5, 2015 at 2:35pm

So, I'm looking ahead to Christmas, and I think the time has come to purchasing a gaming system for the kiddoes.  We recently purchased a 55" TV for our basement (which is more of a kid cave than a man cave at this stage), and are looking to give the kids something to do on it.  We do not have a system currently, though the kids love playing the Wii at the neighbors.  So we have no loyalty to a particular line of games, just looking for a system that will be easy to use for games, Netflix, Blu-Ray watching, etc.

I'm also curious as to how well the Kinect/PSCamera systems actually work, as the motion-based games are a hit for the kids.

I've read multiple online reviews/comparisons, and have no clarity on which would be the better system for us.  I have a slight lean, but won't share it immediately until I get some feedback from the esteemed 11W commentariat.

What say you, 11W?


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