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How MGo treats posters who support other teams

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August 27, 2015 at 1:54pm

There is a thread on Mgo about Ahmir Mitchell's announcement at 5pm  today as to which school he is committing. 

The first post is from an OSU fan posting congrats that Ahmir is likely committing to Michigan. It is in response to several posters "hoping" it is to Michigan.

"Ya think?

You are the only school left.  He is picking between 2 schools.  UM and OSU.  OSU has said there isnt room for him because they have 2 or 3 guys rated higher than him and have limited room.

So when your down to 2 schools and one is basically saying not now, that kind of only leaves one option.

I think honestly, he wants to go to OSU.  I think that is the only reason this has gone on this long.  He is hoping they come after him or one of the other guys goes elswhere so he has a spot.  That is the only explanation for waiting this long when you are down to 2 schools and one is saying no thanks.

For the record, I think you guys will be getting a good one.  I also think OSU likes him but not more than Binjamen, Myers, and Corley.  I would have like nabbing him and it's annoying you guys will get him.

I'm assuming your new staff will coach him up and utilize him properly.  I think you guys will be dangerous sooner rather than later.

Pre-congrats.  I don't like this too much. haha"



"Only a Buckeye takes 6 poorly written paragraphs to gloat "Enjoy our scraps."  Go ahead and generate another 6 paragraphs of internal dialogue pondering how little you add to this blog."

"OSU has not openly said no room left that I know of. And it's not like oversigning is an issue over there anyway"


How the hell does this guy have 186 upvotes?  

Don't come to a Michigan blog and act like a smartass. Congrats, you get negbanged."


Stay classy, MGo. You can't even take a congratulations with just the least bit of decorum. 

They are such sensitive flowers over there.

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