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Comment 25 Oct 2020

Doesn't the Big Ten have a contract with a testing company not only for the rapid test, but also for the PCR test? 

Comment 14 Oct 2020

Ohio State hired an outside law firm to investigate the Struass situation. What more were they supposed to do? 

 The NCAA and BIg Ten are being called on by the lawyer because he believes it's more deep pockets he can pick. The NCAA/Big Ten have no more ability to investigate this than Perkins Coie did. When they get involved in investigations. they have to report suspicions to the FBI and state law enforcement, as they have zero ability to subpeona, etc.  This is money grabbing at it's most practiced.

The following link is easily found on the Ohio State's website. 


The following link is included and highlighted in the ongoing reporting on this case via OSU and details what they are doing . I guess because it's not being spoonfed to people somehow it's not being "shared". 


Comment 23 Sep 2020

Most likely, someone making $50,000 a year has a job in which at 5pm, they go home and forget about work until the next day. They have limited responsibility toward others and to the company outside of their defined job . They have regularly scheduled days off during the week, vacations, and sick days. 

Someone making $2M a year doesn't go home at 5, is on call 24/7, is responsible for the employment of everyone in the company with their decisions and often works 70 plus hours a week. They are on call on vacations and holidays.  They got to that position through hard work, lots of extra hours, additional education and years of experience. Telling them that it's unfair that they should only be docked the same as everyone else but instead should lose a greater percentage is the same bullshit as a progressive tax, where the harder you work and the more successful you are, the more you have to give up to the government. It's punishing productive work and lives to give over to some perceived unfair slight for those who haven't gotten to that point, or frankly don't want to give what it takes to get to that level. 

Someone earning $50,000 is very unlikely to be paying ANY federal taxes.  Someone earning $2M is most assuredly paying federal taxes and a huge chunk at that. If you want to start talking about unfairness, let's start there.  But actually I don't want to start talking about it, as this is completely off topic for 11 W. 

Ryan Day has sacrificed a lot in getting to where he is and I'm sure he knew that going in. But he doesn't just walk out at 5 pm and forget about OSU until 8 am the next day.  It's ridiculous to argue he should have to give up a greater percentage of his pay because ..fairness. 

Comment 18 Sep 2020

The journalist from Nashville who exposed the emails was on a national news pundit show last night and not only did he detail what the Mayor and health department officials discussed in their emails regarding not releasing the accurate Covid cases attributed to bars ( 22 cases total in the entire city) , but he also provided a video clip of him at the subsequent press briefing in which he told the mayor's press secretary that they needed to release the data. To which the press secretary who was livid, replied that the journalist and his paper could file a FOIA if they wanted the data. The journalist was incredulous. He yelled at the secretary that this was public health data, why should it require a FOIA through a court to get it  

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Randy Wade was interviewed this morning by Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends . He said in response to Kilmeade's premise questions ( that drove me nuts to listen to) that Shaun was getting ready for the combine,( never mentioned how far away that is) but could he decide to come back and try to win a college championship, that he would be talking to Shaun today . That he didn't know what they were going to decide. When asked about Randy leading the pack about playing, he reiterated again that he wasn't doing it for Shaun as much as he was concerned about the other players that don't have support at home or an environment that would help them make the right decisions in life going forward . Mentioned again about Shaun's birthday yesterday and said they "partied" and didn't talk about his future plans.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Confirmed also is that Nico Collins has left Michigan and has signed with an NFL agent. And McCafferty is wanting to transfer, he has two years of eligibility left. Those rumors are confirmed.

Lots of sadness on the MGO blog. 

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Wade just said in person on ESPN this afternoon that he doesn't know yet what he is going to do. Today is his birthday, and he wanted to enjoy the day and said he would spend tomorrow on this decision.

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Great post . I would add that the Big Ten cancelled sports in March . So despite having  five months of downtime to work on all these concerns., the conference had no idea how to deal with the issues it said were so dangerous that it had to  once again cancel five days after announcing a schedule .  And THAT falls on Warren's shoulders. He needed to be leading on all these questions and bringing the questions and solutions to the Board of Pres and Chancellors. 

Comment 16 Sep 2020

" Taking from the White House causes issues on two levels: It adds to the politicization of the situation, and morally, it raises questions whether sports programs should be at the front of the line for testing, over the general public."

And here is a stellar example of the idiocy of the press.

Do these nitwits think the WH has boxes of tests sitting in the basement, waiting to be handed out to friends and favored institutions?  Sometimes even I am even stunned at how stupid these people are. 

The WH corona task force was instrumental in getting numerous laboratories to develop and continually improve testing for corona virus. They coordinated and removed barriers between labs, and the government agencies involved to get the amount of testing available that we have currently. Dr.Birx was in the forefront of this, due to her background and experience in testing modalities and interpreting results. They can help institutions and organizations get not only the appropriate testing directly from laboratories but also direct them to get funding for such tests. 

That is what the offer from the WH was, which is the same offer they have been giving everyone. The WH task force is still meeting every week and still coordinating efforts to expand testing and improve it. 

Morals, Ha. Love it when the press, who has to be one of the most immoral institutions we have in the USA right now, starts preening about morality.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Detroit News article posted at 7 pm tonight. Goes into detail about the UW chancellor's appearance before Congress today. But of course, none of this is political. 


Includes what was said by the Executive Director of the  National College Players Association to the Senate.  If you want to see what is going to eventually destroy college athletics, here a link to this group.  https://www.ncpanow.org/

Don't think for a moment the threats from this group aren't part of the problem with the PAC 12 and Big Ten.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Yes. The Big Ten committee hires and fires a commissioner. Just like non profits BOT hire and fire executive directors. That's all Kevin Warren is , i.e. an executive director. He implements the policies and rules voted on by the board. He doesn't make them. He can be fired, depending on what his contract states. 

Comment 14 Sep 2020

What are the requirements to remain on the team from an academic standpoint? Shaun has his undergraduate degree, wouldn't he have to be either enrolled in a Master's program or at least on some kind of a path to an additional degree to maintain a standard for the NCAA, any scholarship money, and OSU itself?

I"m thinking he was at that kind of crossroads right now. He can't simply sit around for several more weeks without being enrolled and actively taking some kind of course load.  I don't know if he was on scholarship, either way, he has to be an active student and fulfilling requirements. 

Comment 13 Sep 2020

Michigan's President Schlissel has a host of things on campus to worry about, such as the following quote from today's Detroit Free Press.

"The University of Michigan also is dealing with issues regarding its response to COVID. Graduate student instructors and assistants are on strike and were joined by student resident hall workers. All are protesting what they say are unsafe conditions at U-M, where students were allowed to move back into residence halls for the fall semester."

I imagine his phone is ringing frequently today.

Also read this on Mgoblog tonight from poster Robpollard regarding OSU cancelling spring break 2021recently.

While they have done some nice things, U of M cancelled their 2021 spring break (or actually "winter break", b/c it so freaking early) back a few months ago.


That said, good for OSU for cancelling their break. Also of note, they have done 55,000 tests ; U of M has done about 13,000 tests (about 1/4 of that). Even more baffling, OSU has done almost 12,000 tests just in the past week; we've done 1,667. The week before had similar stats.

I don't have a good explanation for why a school led by a medical doctor with a world-renowned health system on campus isn't a leader when it comes to testing.

Rob, I do, but it has nothing to do with the medical system, which IS world class.  It has to do with your  univeristy leadership. Maybe stop trying to hire Ivy League people so you can almost be Ivy League. Hire people who can do the job.

Comment 13 Sep 2020

I"m guessing these presidents have to go back to their respective BOT and their lawyers and review this presentation. A president is not going to vote on this without his/her BOT in majority agreement and signed off by the lawyers. And Governors, in states such as Illinois and Michigan where the Governor pretty much is ruling everything. 

Wednesday vote at the earliest IMO.

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Is the threat of the state of Ohio suing the Big Ten or Ohio State suing it's own conference and being represented by the Ohio AG? 

My take is that the AG is urging Ohio State to sue it's conference. Which would only happen if the BOT approves. 

I"m not seeing it happen. 

Comment 09 Sep 2020

Right now, 1/2 of the NCAA member schools have postponed or cancelled fall sports. That includes Div I,II, and III.  There are a total of 673 schools in those three divisions and 72 conferences. I'm not including the NAIA or Juco colleges, just the NCAA. 

So not the majority, but it's certainly not insignificant. 

Here's the breakdown. 


Also, on an earlier thread someone said that the Big Ten should be facing interstate commerce violations, etc.  The Big Ten is a 501c3 charity, organized as a non profit for IRS tax purposes.  So it's not immune from investigation and lawsuits over tax malfeasance, etc. but it also is not a for profit corporation, subject to the same consumer protections, etc. 

Info on the Big Ten. 


The actual paper filings to the IRS, which includes the numbers of return to schools, programs, etc. of revenues generated. 


Please note that on page 7 , it notes the amount the Big Ten directly pays the presidents on the council ( zero), but then there is the compensation they receive from their member schools and adjunct organizations to the Big Ten. Interesting, but no one is getting "rich" off the Big Ten. 

Comment 07 Sep 2020

I spent some time on Mgo yesterday reading the thread about Schlissel. Even though I live here, there were some interesting discussions on that thread about issues I was unaware of.  Such as accusations that the reason Schlissel decided to go ahead and allow students to move in to dorms, apartments, etc. even though 70% of classes are online( remember the snark and outright accusations of fraud from the MGo crowd regarding Fields saying his first semester at OSU, he took all online classes?) was because a big donor to U/M owns a ton of campus housing. Schlissel is voting against fall sports, yet he allowed 9400 students to move into dorms which certainly is not a safe regarding virus transmission as football players being tested constantly. People keep pointing out that he is a physician, however, he hasn't practiced in over a decade, was more involved in research than treating patients for a decade before that, and has been a university administrator for the past 20 years.  

There is also something about him not removing an administrator at U/M who was credible accused of sexual harassment-I do not know the details of that , so will not even attempt to judge that one. But there is quite a bit of discord with alum over his performance.

There were numbers being thrown around as to operating losses, but truthfully, I haven't seen those high numbers being reported anywhere else. The medical system is forecast to lose $3M on $5.7 B in revenue, with the government pitching in $157 M ( which could have been lost without that support). So U/M is not in any kind of serious revenue problems for the University itself, unlike the athletic department , which is forecasting a loss of half their budget.  So Schlissel doesn't  have as much financial pressure on him as you would think.

Comment 04 Sep 2020

I would like to ask the Mods in light of the violence that is happening across the country, to not tolerate these types of posts. I realize this poster is just venting, but IMO, this posts easily crosses the line. The amount of vitriol and outright calls for violence against people on social media , whether intentional or or not, is not warranted and should not be tolerated on a site like this. 

Comment 03 Sep 2020

During  a political speech the other night, a person shared that their 7th grade teacher told them to believe nothing they hear, half of what they read, and 100%  of what they experience themselves.

It's pretty much how I function with the media today.

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Link to Red State, which not only reviews and describes what the NYT reported regarding the 90 % false positive rate, it goes into more detail as to the CDC's own statements about the current wide spread testing that is resulting in these huge numbers of positive cases and why these tests are incorrect due to how they are cycled in the labs. 


Comment 03 Sep 2020

11W posted a great article just a couple of weeks ago from the sports MD who used to write here occasionally when she was interning at Wexner.  She was adamant that sports med doctors are well aware of the risk of myocarditis after a respiratory infection of any type and it is their responsibility to monitor, diagnose and then treat it if it occurs.