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Comment 21 hours ago

Retention bonuses are very common in the corporate world( I've never heard them called "longevity bonuses"). it's a way to encourage valued, experienced employees to not jump into other employment when the company initiates changes in management, structure, etc. It helps with continuity and so MSU decided to help pave the way for Dantonio at the height of his success with MSU to not consider the NFL, etc.  The fact that he is collecting that bonus when his team is down is simply timing. MSU would have been in breach of contract if they decided to pull or reduce an agreed upon bonus because of current conditions. I would think he has performance bonuses also, much like OSU gives to coaches for championships, increase in team overall academic rate, etc. 

He's probably missed the mark on performance bonuses, although they did get to a bowl and they did win that game.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

All the excuses for OBJ's behavior at the post game celebration is exactly why we have 30 year old adults acting like 12 year old juvenile delinquents. So far, OBJ managed to hand out cash to players on camera in some kind of attention getting statement about college players being paid, and now having him walk over to a police officer and smack him on the ass. Smoking cigars in the locker room when the team was told not to because of no smoking rules, not sure why there weren't a couple of strippers and a dozen or so agents walking around. 

Obviously, LSU should be out in front of this , other than lying about it being fake money, they should be banning OBJ from being in any facility at LSU other than a seat at the stadium. But, it's LSU and the SEC and so this type of behavior is shrugged off. And right now, the NCAA probably doesn't want to attract any more governmental attention regarding paying players, so they will leave it alone.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I'm watching because 1. It's college football's championship 2. I want to watch LSU and Joe Burrow win 3. As a mature adult, I find it ridiculous that people are stomping their little foot and crying about how we should have been there so they aren't watching. Grow up people, we lost in the semi final and therefore, no, we shouldn't be there. 

Dealing with "unfairness" is part of life and it's how you react to it that matters. Clemson and LSU are going to be in the national title hunt again this coming season, and so watching their returning players has value. Dabo and Coach O will be coaching those teams. I want to see what happens in this game. It's long past time to stop crying about the officiating in the semi final and move forward to look ahead to what next years' team will be and who they'll be playing against.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

So very happy to have guys like Chugunov in the program and at the university. Great representative for us( and for WV also) and another example of how idiotically wrong TFUN are when they constantly claim OSU players don't go to class, etc. Here is a guy who is finishing a master's degree and may enter law school. While the #2 QB on a championship team. Who racked up stats while battling a shoulder injury , looking at surgery.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I heard yesterday that they can only take out what they would have earned as a projected first year rookie. They can't get insured for the full amount of a four year contract.  They also can only get a payout if they are permanently unable to play football . 

Have no idea if this is correct, but it was said by a long time sports radio pundit.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

In the car this morning, sports raido had Urban going to the Browns today. LOL. Everyday, it's "where in the world will Urban resume coaching" contest. 

There are a lot of sports pundits who must not have any kind of skills to do anything other than imitate Friday night bar sport speculation. And faces for radio, I saw a few color commentators this holiday season at somewhat obscure bowl games that had unusual facial features. Almost reptilian like, with mismatched eyes and giant acne scars.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I loved Saban punching in another touchdown. I knew he would because he plays to win, not to sit down and wait out the clock.

Saban had zero issues with replacing Hurts with Tua in the CFP last year. He does what is best for his team, not to cater to someone's hurt feelings.  If a player is really underperforming, then he'll put in someone who shows he is ready to play. That props up the entire team. And truthfully, it opened the door for Hurts to take charge of his college and future career by deciding to transfer. Saban likely helped him do what is best for him, by not catering to him when he had fallen off in his play.

If Harbaugh wants to have his team's compete , he is going to have to adopt the same philosophy. Saban has been so successful with his teams because of the above. Harbaugh came back to college trying to be every player's best buddy, not showing them how to be mature and forcing their growth.

Comment 29 Dec 2019


Here is the NFL page about the program they have in place with the NCAA to advise players as to whether they should stay in school until graduation. There are several separate programs housed under the umbrella, players have opportunities to speak with the NFL, scouts, etc. in addition to their own coaches. 


The above page also describes the role of the college advisory committee, which actually provides NFL scouting reports to the committee so they can advise individual players. 


To help underclassmen that are considering entering the draft, the NFL developed the College Advisory Committee, where NFL scouts project where a player will likely get drafted — if at all. 

The evaluation committee has correctly projected 73.7 percent of first-round picks, 85.4 percent of second-round picks and 52.9 percent of third-round picks.

The board evaluates up to five underclassmen from each school, though evaluations for additional players are considered on a case-by-case basis. Limiting the number of players the committee evaluates allows the scouts to focus on those players with a realistic chance and provide more accurate projections.

The board’s assessments keep some players from making an ill-advised decision to leave college early. In the majority of cases, student-athletes are encouraged to stay in school for another year to get their degrees and improve their draft stock.

As more underclassmen declare for the draft, the advisory committee’s role becomes increasingly important. In 2014, 44 of the 107 underclassmen who entered the draft went unselected. That follows a three-year trend where more underclassmen enter the draft, and fewer get drafted.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I honestly think Burrow has a bit more motivation today after yesterday's screwing. Between our own mistakes, and Clemson being gifted by calls , I'm sure he would like to take corrective action on them, on behalf of both the schools he has affection for. 

I will say that his receivers aren't going to be wide open like they were with OU. But unless he is totally off for the game, his precise ball placement will negate the interference from Clemson. 

His biggest challenge will be the refs.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

There is also the wrinkle on the playoffs that they are not run by the NCAA They are being run by a corporate entity formed by member schools, and therefore, should be able to hire any officiating crew they believe are competent. The NCAA has someone who assigns referees through the year.  The CFP should be allowed, I would think to hire anyone who is at least at Div 1 level in College Football . 

It wasn't just our game that had bad officiating. I couldn't believe the missed targeting call on the field in the LSU/OU game in which Orgeron had to ask for an official review of a non call for targeting. Replay then called targeting and had the OU player ejected.  It was an absolutely textbook targeting call, with the OU player launching himself at the LSU player, and using the top of his helmet to smash into the side of the LSU player's head, whipping the player's head back and sideways. They were both the same height, and the LSU player was not trying to drop , etc. 

There were other plays that even someone like me, with no football playing experience could see immediately were not called.  I mean facemasks, PI where the defender never looked back at the ball and was pulling receiver around by the shirt and pads, etc.  No call. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

My understanding is that after every game, the individual schools athletic departments fill out review forms for officiating and can file clarification forms, asking to understand a call , have a call reviewed further, etc. 

I have heard or read here and elsewhere that the officiating organizations have admitted to bad calls after these types of reviews, and describe the corrective action to be taken. Doesn't change what happened at the completed game, but hopefully these types of reviews will end in rule changes or at least some type of sanction on repeat offenders in officiating.

Here is an article I found from a refereeing professional site, discussing suspensions of refs for bad calls. It's interesting.


Comment 28 Dec 2019

Can I also suggest to LSU that I am really finding the constant camera shots of the OC sitting in the booth just eight hours after his son's wife was killed in a plane crash , quietly high fiving his asst. coaches really distasteful. 

The image is starting to border on macabre. 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

So will Burrow play in the second half? I'm sure there's some kind of record still out there he hasn't broken yet. Something he will still need to be on the field for so that ESPN can talk endlessly about how he has yet another trophy?

I hope the committee is as embarrassed about this game as most of college football fans are. Who didn't see this coming when they selected Oklahoma as a CFP final four?

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Have a friend whose an OU fan and did just that. He texted us before the game started to point out his seats. I can't imagine he's not heading to the nearest pizza place to pick up a pizza and head back to the room. 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Kids...twenty years from now they will look back and say, what was I thinking, LOL. But I thought they looked fine, major style for young men at a formal event. In fact, both of their outfits fit really well, which you don't always see on athletes. They can be hard to fit because of arm and thigh muscling. I 'll take well fitting fashion forward any day over wrinkled, oversize blue suits with brown shoes. 

Considering I'm of the "off my lawn" generation , this is a major admission for me.  It was daring and bold, and was in OSU colors. As was Day.  Good for them for setting their own personal style. 

Loved Chase's glasses with his blond dreads and great jacket. 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Just watched an interview with Urban last week about Burrow in which Urban said he and Day daily went back and forth with Haskins and Burrow as to who would start. Urban said one day it was Joe, the next it was Dwayne. Urban said he asked Day if they could keep both of them. Finally they said Haskins began to consistently be ahead of Joe in development and when they told Joe Haskins would start, Joe came to them and said he was going to go find a school that he could start at. Urban said they were a bit taken back at the time it was LSU, but they fully supported Burrow's decision and told he they would help him any way they could to secure a transfer. Urban said he talks to Joe frequently and had just spoken to him a couple days prior.

A HC owes it to his team to put the best players at the time to start. Burrow even said in his acceptance speech that he was deeply grateful to OSU for all the time and effort they put into developing him, without them,, he would have not been in this position to go to LSU.