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Comment 17 Feb 2019

"Some people have to be looking the other way when it happens 16 times in 11 years."

Really? Dantonio's players have been accused of sexual assault , not convicted.  In 11 years, he has had appx. 1375 players involved in the football program. He has had .01% of his players accused of sexual assault.  And their cases were reported to both the university and to Lansing police. And some were convicted and sentenced. And virtually all were removed from the team when the allegations were levied.

But hey, people are looking the other way.

Just like OSU and Columbus police did when JT's girlfriend accused him of domestic abuse.  

ESPN has an agenda toward MSU because it gets clicks, just like their agenda against Urban got them. 

Comment 27 Jan 2019

I am of the attitude now that if a player indicates he is not going to play in a bowl game, then he is off the team and on his own. Until some coaches get tough on this, we will see more and more Karan Higdons.  I mean it, no more training at the college facilities, no more tutoring until the last final is taken, etc. 

 I'm tired of  babying these players and making their decisions sound so righteous, mature, and intelligent. They quit on their side of the deal they were offered and accepted. Fine, that's their choice, But it should have significant consequences. They don't need to be considered pariahs by fans, but they shouldn't be able to enjoy the travel, perks , etc of the team 

Don't think this "me first" attitude DOESN"T spill over into the NFL. There are many examples on the field , and it is nurtured in colleges.

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Highly recommend visiting the Ford Presidential Library in Grand Rapids ( U/M also has a Ford Library on it's campus , but that holds Fords documents, presidential papers, etc. )  Lots of interesting items at the Grand Rapids Library, including the gun Squeaky Fromm used to try to assassinate Ford, his football uniforms, etc.  It is also the burial place for both Gerald and Betty Ford, overlooking the Grand River and the convention center, hotels, etc. 


Comment 17 Jan 2019

You guys realize there are currently 24 assistant AD positions at Ohio State.  It's a title given to someone who is in charge of a little corner of the AD , it's not directly behind Gene Smith waiting to take over the entire department. Its amazing to me that there are a lot of fans who still think Urban is going to take over the entire AD department within a year and Gene retire. 

There is zero reason Urban can't spend some time on the road as an ANALYST, which is not a color commentator. The article doesn't say he is going to be calling games.  He's going to end up at half time at some games sitting in the booth giving his opinion of what he sees on the field. I'm sure it will be an occasional cherry picked game. I'm  also sure they are dying to have him analyze a Michigan game, which I highly doubt he will do. 

That shouldn't remotely interfere with his agreed upon work with OSU. He's not the sole teacher of the leadership class, he's doing that in conjunction with the current assigned prof. There is nothing that has me believing he is 8-5 at OSU all day, his schedule can have him there part time. 

The freak out on here is amusing.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

So people accused the committee of being biased because the current makeup had football coaches on it from the SEC , etc. who were 'too close to the game". 

Now we have people accusing the committee of getting away from the game because they placed someone on it who isn't a recent coach from the SEC. 

Apparently, the committee should simply do what it thinks is right because they will be criticized from the peanut gallery no matter what they do.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Every single undergraduate transfer in the D1 schools now is going to petition and legally challenge the NCAA to allow them immediate playing time. Eventually a judge is going rule somewhere that the NCAA is going to have to allow undergraduates to transfer whenever they want and play immediately. And instead of complaining that D1 schools are football factories for the NFL, you will find that D1 schools will become developmental teams for lower ranked D1 schools. 

Welcome to the brave new world lawyers usher in.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Don't remember which player last weekend in the NFL either intercepted or blocked a receiver from a pass, then went right up to the ref and began doing what I can only describe as a male stripper pelvic thrust dance right at the ref. Ref immediately threw flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

I couldn't believe his coach didn't sit his sorry ass down on the bench , but instead let him continue playing. When did it become acceptable to allow grown ass men to act like 13 year old twits on a professional playing field with little to no consequences?

Comment 16 Jan 2019

So how does an 11 year old end up being scouted by U/M? Seriously, they sent someone( Jay? he could trade bubble gum cards with the kid) to watch this kid practice/play in his Pop Warner league game? Or is that what Harbaugh was doing when he went missing for two weeks? Out prowling elementary schools for an "athlete". 

This just keeps the creepy meme reinforced , IMO. 

PR stunt, plain and simple.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

It also says something about the quality of OSU's program that they are not willing to take extraordinary risks with players simply to maintain a roster. Docs say no, player doesn't play. 

I have no idea why fans find this offensive. The medical profession has not reached 100% perfection in this world yet. Until they do, I think they have a duty to err on the side of caution. Particularly when the student athlete still gets a fully paid scholarship to finish school, they just don't get to play.

By the way, James Andrews, MD, the famous orthopedic surgeon of athletes and the guy Dean went to see for a second opinion, and told Dean he was treatable and would be able to play( for Alabama) , is currently being sued for $180 M by a former Vikings player for a botched surgery( per the player's accusation).  See what I said above about 100% perfection.


Barrow knows he will find a school willing to let him play. So, the transfer notice. 

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Kernfan is exactly right. Martell has a scholarship to OSU in exchange for playing football and as long as he is following all the team rules in addition to academic and OSU rules for his scholarship, you cannot pull it.  

IMO, his family, especially his sister, are following the Khardashian model of fame and fortune.  I personally have no use or interest in their family drama( and I don't belong to twitter or Instagram, or any of that type of crap because it's simply a digital version of middle school nasty note writing) . He's either on or off the team at this point, and the less attention paid to him, the better the team will be He'll find somewhere to transfer and I think all involved will be the happier. Meanwhile, an embargo on reporting news on him would be just fine with me. I'm more interested in news about the guys who want to be here.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Transferring will be either increased or decreased depending on the new "rules" for transferring from the NCAA. If players are allowed to transfer because they want to do so, without a serious reason to do so, then it will become more of a free for all. 

Transfer rules were put in place originally by the NCAA for both the protection of the integrity of each schools athletic teams and to protect the players themselves from being hounded to transfer.  And players aren't comparable to coaches leaving.  

1. They are not employees of the school. They are students, whose primary reason for being at school is to receive employable skills and earn a degree. 

2. They were granted a scholarship to attend said school, because they have athletic skills that make them capable of playing sports at the level the school's team plays. In reality, no different technically than someone who is given a scholarship by XYZ college because they have shown they have excellent math skills and can use those skills to earn a math degree. Both have rules in order to maintain the viability of the scholarship going forward and to make sure it actually helps produce math majors. 

3.So if a player decides he wants to transfer from his current school to the next school , simply because he isn't getting to play as much, etc. he is now ditching his scholarship at the first school and is now going to be given the same scholarship at a different school. How many math majors get the privilege of jumping schools and carrying a scholarship with them from school to school? 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Exactly. The NCAA investigation had to do with how Dantonio and Izzo handledcomplaints regarding players on their team and the arrest of three of them. Both were determined to have handled the situations appropriately, including dismissing players from the football team once charges were leveled. None of these accusations or arrests were in any way associated with Nasser.

Neither had any contact with Nasser, nor had their  players gone to Nasser. Nasser treated gymnastics and softball players, almost exclusively female. The majority of his victims were not even MSU students, but members of the public and  female USA gymnastics members.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

"It was the latest in a series of draft-eligible players opting not to participate in lower-tier postseason injury opportunities. "

Ok, then let's simply cancel all post season games, and allow all players  to declare for the draft once they have six games in which they have played to stand as their resume for the NFL. They can then leave the team, focus on working out and lobbying to be drafted and the college can then attach a lien to their future salary to pay back their scholarships they have used but not completed, especially since they are not being penalized by the NFL for walking out on their teammates in a team sport.

Computer programs can decide via statistics who is the champion team for the season. 

Injuries are a risk in any sport. Or when driving your car, or walking on a crosswalk. Adults know this and take out insurance, and plan for the "what ifs". If you want to take all risk out of your life, stop playing sports, stop driving a car, stop eating at restaurants, wash all your food half a dozen times , don't fly, and wear a helmet around the house. 

i'm sorry this guy got hurt, but he could get hurt at the combine . Or driving to the combine. Or walking into the building at the combine.

I don't understand why risk averse people choose to play football, of all things.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

"he's on course to graduate in May after two years in school (anybody else on here accomplish that? )"

Um, how does one earn all the credits necessary to receive a four year degree in two years while playing football? Something isn't making sense with this timeline.  It's not like you can take 40 credits in one semester in the spring to make up for the rest of the football season. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

He's banning Sparty from games? 

What assistant coach there is beloved to the fan base?  Read their boards, they want everyone gone.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Mgo poster says a sports writers twitter account states it's to recap the season. 

Believe that at your own risk. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Even Mgo writers are scratching their heads on this one.  He was hired by Maryland three hours before it was announced he was hired by Michigan.  Posters are pointing out he was involved in scoring all of 16 points on Clemson, LOL>

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I don't know if this was posted here in Dec. or not. Dantonio's mother died Dec. 20th at age 90. She was living in Columbus at the time. His father died in 2011, and Maryann moved to Columbus after his death. 

The Dantonio family has a scholarship fund to help students at Zanesville High School and they had asked in lieu of flowers, that donations be sent to the fund.  

I don't want to guess what this announcement is about, but I wouldn't be shocked if he is retiring.  I don't know why he wouldn't have done this earlier before signing day, if so. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

No. That rule applies to newly signed LOI recruits. Not current team members.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

And this isn't a position in which Urban is volunteering. He is getting paid a salary as an employee of OSU, just like any other employee, and has duties and responsibilities to all of the other sports and athletes involved in the athletic department.  My guess is he has to make an appt with Day, as would Day with him. 

As other's have said, clean breaks are best, and I'm sure Gene is keeping him directed with projects already.