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Comment 10 Mar 2020

The CDC officials explained in a news conference yesterday that there are two different test kit routes. Their kits are processed directly by them, but private companies have their own kits that they are shipping to different facilities and states. Right now the CDC is working to get the reporting of results of the private kits easily submitted to the CDC.

More people are getting tested than the CDC is aware of , and that is by their own admission.

Comment 10 Mar 2020

You all realize that this insane overreaction to corona virus by businesses and organizations is not because of facts but because of fear of lawsuits. 

Yesterday a couple aboard the Grand Princess anchored off the CA coast filed a $1M lawsuit against Princess Cruise Line stating that the company deliberately exposed them to corona virus.  


Comment 08 Mar 2020

I've been pretty disappointed that there has been zero coverage of the women's basketball team here. I can understand that maybe coverage is thin during the regular season because of not having enough writers to go around, but holy cow, the women's team is in the finals of the Big Ten tournament, ( a four day tourney, not one that goes on for a couple of weeks). they played lights out last night to defeat Michigan, and today is the final. NOTHING except what was posted here by a member. Even some kind of bulletin header, like we get when someone signs, etc. on top would be better than completely ignoring this team. 

Eleven Warriors is simply the best college sports website, but this is a pretty big glaring fail, IMO.

Comment 13 Feb 2020


The above link is not behind a paywall. It is confusing though, because it contradicts what was said yesterday by the Dispatch as to the police report. In yesterday's report, it describes Reip forcibly penetrating the woman, and today, it simply says he restrained her so Wint could rape her. They both were charged with one count each of rape and once count of kidnappng. They both pled not guilty. They will go before a grand jury for indictment.

Wint complained through his atty that OSU should have had to follow a protocol before dismissing him. What an ass. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Was just in my vehicle listening to college sports radio and some CU fans calling in. According to them, Tucker actually called his entire 2020 recruiting class yesterday to tell them he was staying and building a great program at CU. Same thing with donors and assistant coaches. So all the recruits who signed in Dec. and especially the one's they picked up just last week are sitting there with no coach. And the guys at MSU are technically in the same situation, they now have a head coach they didn't sign with and most have likely never met.

I hope MSU gets exactly what they are buying with this guy. Someone who can lie to your face and is easily bought.  I have been a Sparty supporter when they weren't playing us because of Dantonio, and because of Michigan. No more. I hope they drown in losses this year. Since I still don't know what happened with Dantonio, outside of the stories that he was being backstabbed by the AD, and they had hired a search firm without his knowledge to replace him per different reports, I'm still giving his situation a pause at this point.  But there is zero reason they couldn't have allowed Mike Tressel to interim for them this year, allow some kind of continuity, before they went out and found out who they could get with a truckload of cash.

It's nauseating. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

We and the players need to remember that playing football at OSU or any other college is a privilege, not a right.  I personally believe, due to the fact that they were arrested, incarcerated, and are being charged with felony rape and kidnapping, regardless of the outcome of a trial, they should be dismissed from the team and suspended from OSU. Sorry, it sounds harsh, but I am really tired of hearing how 19-22 year old college students are still children, are "kids", need to be coddled, they made a mistake, etc. They are legal adults, with the ability to sign contracts, vote, and have the same responsibilities as 60 year old adults. Sure, they don't have the experience or wisdom of a 60 year old, but they DO know what is right and wrong at this point in their life. They put themselves in that situation, frankly, acting like animals. Unless the entire thing is made up by the female, very much unlikely considering the charges, the existence of a forced video tape and enough evidence to go forward from the prosecuting atty.,neither of these assholes belong on campus.

Their behavior is not the fault of OSU. How OSU deals with it though, will be OSU's responsibility.

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Poster's need to realize what the atmosphere is around MSU at this point in time. They are paying huge , ongoing sums of money to the victims of Larry Nasser, estimated at $500 million. The football and basketball programs have had a share of sexual assault accusation over the years that never seemed to reduce in numbers in each season.  The former governor who was trying to guide the university through the Larry Nasser situation after the university president had to step down, was then forced out himself because he wasn't sufficiently "woke" , and the new administration is bent on blowing up anything at MSU, especially the athletic department, that they believe is somehow not 150% dedicated to eliminating anything real or imagined that might be perceived as tolerating  the definition of "toxic masculinity" 

Luke Fickell knows this , as do any other college coaches.  As soon as one of your recruits is accused of anything, the hammer is going to come down regardless of the truth of the accusation.  And I don't see MSU offering giant sums of money to a new HC, because the athletic department is going to be on a very short leash with the administration, who will not be their big supporters. Just my opinion, but there is a reason Dantonio stepped down suddenly, but is still going to be associated with the department. I think he finally saw the train lights coming through the tunnel and decided to get out while he can. He appears to be trying to duplicate Urban's position at OSU, but how successful that will be remains to be seen.  At least he can leave immediately if the program implodes.

Comment 04 Feb 2020

LOL, well that took longer than usual to come up.

No , Tressel doesn't still have a show cause penalty. That ended in 2016. However, he hasn't coached in almost 10 years, is the president of Youngstown State for almost six years now, and had always maintained that when he retired from coaching, his dream job would be as a president of a university.  

He's 68 years old. And very happy as an administrator. NO ONE is going to attempt to hire him as a college coach.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Retention bonuses are very common in the corporate world( I've never heard them called "longevity bonuses"). it's a way to encourage valued, experienced employees to not jump into other employment when the company initiates changes in management, structure, etc. It helps with continuity and so MSU decided to help pave the way for Dantonio at the height of his success with MSU to not consider the NFL, etc.  The fact that he is collecting that bonus when his team is down is simply timing. MSU would have been in breach of contract if they decided to pull or reduce an agreed upon bonus because of current conditions. I would think he has performance bonuses also, much like OSU gives to coaches for championships, increase in team overall academic rate, etc. 

He's probably missed the mark on performance bonuses, although they did get to a bowl and they did win that game.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

All the excuses for OBJ's behavior at the post game celebration is exactly why we have 30 year old adults acting like 12 year old juvenile delinquents. So far, OBJ managed to hand out cash to players on camera in some kind of attention getting statement about college players being paid, and now having him walk over to a police officer and smack him on the ass. Smoking cigars in the locker room when the team was told not to because of no smoking rules, not sure why there weren't a couple of strippers and a dozen or so agents walking around. 

Obviously, LSU should be out in front of this , other than lying about it being fake money, they should be banning OBJ from being in any facility at LSU other than a seat at the stadium. But, it's LSU and the SEC and so this type of behavior is shrugged off. And right now, the NCAA probably doesn't want to attract any more governmental attention regarding paying players, so they will leave it alone.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I'm watching because 1. It's college football's championship 2. I want to watch LSU and Joe Burrow win 3. As a mature adult, I find it ridiculous that people are stomping their little foot and crying about how we should have been there so they aren't watching. Grow up people, we lost in the semi final and therefore, no, we shouldn't be there. 

Dealing with "unfairness" is part of life and it's how you react to it that matters. Clemson and LSU are going to be in the national title hunt again this coming season, and so watching their returning players has value. Dabo and Coach O will be coaching those teams. I want to see what happens in this game. It's long past time to stop crying about the officiating in the semi final and move forward to look ahead to what next years' team will be and who they'll be playing against.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

So very happy to have guys like Chugunov in the program and at the university. Great representative for us( and for WV also) and another example of how idiotically wrong TFUN are when they constantly claim OSU players don't go to class, etc. Here is a guy who is finishing a master's degree and may enter law school. While the #2 QB on a championship team. Who racked up stats while battling a shoulder injury , looking at surgery.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I heard yesterday that they can only take out what they would have earned as a projected first year rookie. They can't get insured for the full amount of a four year contract.  They also can only get a payout if they are permanently unable to play football . 

Have no idea if this is correct, but it was said by a long time sports radio pundit.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

In the car this morning, sports raido had Urban going to the Browns today. LOL. Everyday, it's "where in the world will Urban resume coaching" contest. 

There are a lot of sports pundits who must not have any kind of skills to do anything other than imitate Friday night bar sport speculation. And faces for radio, I saw a few color commentators this holiday season at somewhat obscure bowl games that had unusual facial features. Almost reptilian like, with mismatched eyes and giant acne scars.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I loved Saban punching in another touchdown. I knew he would because he plays to win, not to sit down and wait out the clock.

Saban had zero issues with replacing Hurts with Tua in the CFP last year. He does what is best for his team, not to cater to someone's hurt feelings.  If a player is really underperforming, then he'll put in someone who shows he is ready to play. That props up the entire team. And truthfully, it opened the door for Hurts to take charge of his college and future career by deciding to transfer. Saban likely helped him do what is best for him, by not catering to him when he had fallen off in his play.

If Harbaugh wants to have his team's compete , he is going to have to adopt the same philosophy. Saban has been so successful with his teams because of the above. Harbaugh came back to college trying to be every player's best buddy, not showing them how to be mature and forcing their growth.