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Comment 12 Jun 2019

I'm offended that this hick idiot gets a pass for every stupid thing he says.  Imagine ESPN if Urban had uttered such a thing? 

Comment 09 Jun 2019

I believe the Cohen family owns the real estate. The articles are a bit confusing, but the Jack and Violet's children own and run the business. Almost all of them have worked in the store as teenagers and then stayed on to work with their parents. 

Jack Cohen finally got to see an OSU football game just a few years before he passed away. And it was because Gordon Gee surprised him with seats in his suite and a shuttle ride over as his guest for his years of devotion to game days at OSU. Until then , he had never attended a football game.

I think they are so limited with the space they have that in order to grow and compete online alongside other mega sellers, they need the larger space and the more friendly drive up and park type of store. I visited campus when in Columbus last year and driving , while always a bit of a hassle, is beyond ugly. Drive up traffic through the week has to be limited by being on campus.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

Kevin, thank you, the Lantern story is confusing on this issue.

I would agree, OSU likely wouldn't have issued their statement if it violates privacy laws. 

I stand by my post , however, that IMO, the findings of the University of Snead's dismissal should not have been made public.                    However, that is the downside(among others) to these types of university "court" systems that should be constantly evaluated. 

Comment 05 Jun 2019

My question was a serious one , based on privacy issues. 

The university has a system in which it investigates allegations of violations of student conduct. No one has a 'right" to attend OSU, it's a privilege, but one that comes with a contract between both the university and the students. As part of that contract, the university can decide after a process that you are no longer eligible to attend OSU due to their determination that you have violated the contract based on what limited investigation they can do and dismiss you. They appear to be obligated to keep the facts behind that dismissal private. I would assume( and who knows if I am right) that that privacy is enforced because they DO NOT have all the facts, cannot investigate allegations to the extent that law enforcement can and are not bound by miranda rights, legal due process, etc.  What they find that  violates the terms of the contract,  may be far less than a criminal finding of wrongdoing under our statutory laws. Our legal system was established to provide protections to the innocent.

So this is kept private, Snead leaves, goes to another school and then the Lantern, in what appears to be a separate lawsuit for FOIA, comes across a redacted version of this report and asks a court to unredact it. Court obliges and this info is now published to public media outlets including this one. 

I"m not in any way defending Snead. What I am defending is that he now has this allegation published publicly, the only finding is that the university system decided there was probable cause based on ???info that Snead perpetrated unwanted sexual intercourse on a female student and dismissed him. 

The circumstances and the evidence of this activity is unknown. His dismissal is based on opinion of a group of university disciplinary committee members who only had what little evidence was presented, and a victim who had refused to report said event even to them. While the original reporter of this potential violation may have had credible evidence, we don't even know who that person is, or what they were aware of. The university most likely found they had more evidence than not that Snead had violated student conduct which is why they dismissed him, but they certainly didn't have more than statements and recall from any witnesses.

This gets to the heart of the argument over prosecutors releasing opinions of guilt in statements even though there are no charges being filed and therefore, no ability of the accused to defend themselves with evidence legally. But human nature being what it is, the accused is assumed to be guilty. And now he'll have to carry that with him no matter where he goes. Possibly he deserves it, but in truth, I don't have an opinion since I don't have any actual facts. 

I just do not understand why this info was made public and was asking for clarification. 

Comment 05 Jun 2019

Can the mods explain to me why this info about Snead has been released? I read the Lantern article and am still confused. The university is required to keep student information including discipline info private yet the Lantern was able to sue and get a court order to get an unredacted report of university findings and dismissal, which they then published? 

Comment 14 May 2019

I am unaware that a treatment for depression is to change schools and demand immediate playing time.  In Michigan’s defense they have a very in depth program to recognize and treat players suffering from depression. They continuously monitor and encourage athletes to seek counseling and treatment for mental health issues and have a strong educational program for coaches and staff to learn to recognize signs in their athletes and to get them referred. It’s a program other schools have modeled so I’m not buying his story.

Comment 10 May 2019

If he stopped at the school to pick up the kids and Courtney was there, that could possibly be a violation of her protective order against him. There may be a clause in the protective order stating he is not to pick kids from their school, that he must do it via exchange at an agreed upon place with agreed upon adults delivering the kids to him( Have had a friend with that arrangement due to pyscho ex wife) 

Getting into a verbal confrontation with school officials is just another example of the dumbass side of Smith. Will be interesting to see what the court does with this, it sounds like he got to spend some time in jail last night. 

He and his ex are what family court and social workers want to scream over. How do you provide a stable home for children when the parents are unstable morons themselves?

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I don't think he has to leave, but in entering the portal, he's burned bridges with the team and his coaches. Hard to get trust back that you are 100% dedicated to your team when you take that step. It's not like you can't talk to players from other schools, etc. about their programs( like all your HS buddies that went to play for different programs) without entering the portal. These guys already know a lot about other programs, particularly when they typically were recruited and had official visits to so many.  By  entering the portal , you are inviting other coaches to recruit you , and so mentally, you've made the step out of your current program.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Do you all really believe that a HC tells a QB recruit he's guaranteed to start once QB#1 is gone? Or after a spring practice , in which the transfer in QB admits he is still learning the playbook, the HC , with three months of no practice ahead before fall camps starts, guarantees the starting ranking of the stable of QB's. One of whom he's seen in just the early spring practices?

I don't believe any HC for a big time program guarantees any player is going to start at any given point in time in the future. They might lay out what it takes and they believe the player can get there, but they have no idea how a player is going to deal with pressure or how well or fast they are going to develop. We still have freshman who haven't lost their black stripe yet, (Don't forget , as students they have that expectation of performance to meet in addition to playing)

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Um, and you know this is Day's fault, how? 

By the way, we currently have three QB's besides Fields. Vanatsky played in the spring game and is getting reps in practice per Day. The QB battle was being waged between 4 QB's, see https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2019/03/102862/ryan-day-on-quarterbacks-its-going-to-be-a-battle

Remember, Mike Yurcich is the QB coach, not Day. So if we are going to start screaming at coaches, need to include him.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

The ease of transfers and the NCAA's new liberal policy of granting eligibility immediately for virtually any reason (which I will add, many posters on here were advocating) has shown the unintended consequences of programs having to deal with high level players leaving. 

Lets not forget that Jalen Hurts left Alabama despite having played in the playoffs this past year and who was with the program as a starter until he was yanked out of the 2017 playoff game and replaced by Tua, who was turned into an instant hero. This is the new reality now that the rules have apparently been softened to the point of being unused.( Yes, I'm aware Hurts was a grad transfer, eligibility was never a question. But loyalty to a program is apparently not a thing anymore)  As a poster said above, we might as well get used to it. Especially QB's are going to leave programs unless they are the assured starter. 

Many fans who decried players not being able to transfer about in programs on a whim are going to see just how well this works now that they can.  The days of supporting your favorite recruit when they commit and then sign with your favorite team is coming to an end. You have a 50/50% chance that player will leave within a year for somewhere else when they find they decide they don't like the program, coach, weather, other players, facilities, classes, restaurant scene, free athletic gear, cable service or what not.

The bright spot is that recruiting class rankings are becoming meaningless.

Comment 14 Apr 2019

Michigan's spring practice/scrimmage yesterday attracted maybe a few thousand.  They had a recruit decommit yesterday afternoon, LOL.

But they are excited about the no huddle offense Gattis is installing.

For some reason , I can't seem to embed anything today.


Also, someone paid $$ to fly a banner over Michigan Stadium yesterday to tell Harbaugh it was ok to pass on 1st down.


Comment 14 Apr 2019

Spring game was sold out according to officials at OSU. The construction on the upper decks reduced the seating capacity. 

As a long time fan of Elliott, I am really wondering what is going on with him. Having helicopter parents during his youth may not have been in his best interest. I agree with the observation that he was stoned during his interview. He looks ridiculous, along with the bizarre nose piercings, and cartoon hair and beard. I give him a couple more years in the NFL and we are going to be reading about him at this rate which makes me very sad. My opinion and I hope he proves me very wrong.

I was surprised that BTN announcers gave no comment on Ted Ginn's hair, instead focusing on his sunglasses. Somebody spent a lot of time on his braids to come up with the block O design on the back. I thought it was pretty neat and got zero attention from the announcers, despite the camera crew focusing on it repeatedly.

Comment 12 Apr 2019

I haven't been able to be on here much recently, so I don't know if this was posted in the past week or so, but to add to Michigan fan's misery, are the following.

1. Their spring "game" . It's a practice, with a very short scrimmage sometime late during the event.  So people get to pay to watch a practice this weekend

2. Because it's a practice and not a game, BTN has declined to broadcast it. So the only way to watch this practice is to online stream. 

3. Parking lots around the stadium will open at noon. The practice starts at 5pm. U/M has put out statements that there is to be no tailgating in the parking lots. 

In five years, U/M and Harbaugh have managed to take a spring game, hype it to hell the first year, TV, band, music, etc. and then water it down , and create so much disinterest in it due to the team's performance and their lack of catering to fans that it is almost non existent. Long time U/M fans are pissed off and I'm between feeling some sympathy for them and laughing hysterically.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

This is what is going on this week in the local area. Bank of Ann Arbor has half a dozen different billboards supporting MSU in the tournament. Glorious.


Comment 03 Apr 2019

"But let’s be clear - there’s no pleasure to be found in Michigan State winning anything, let alone returning to the Final Four"

Well, I for one do find pleasure in Michigan State winning. Tell me you didn't rejoice when Michigan State beat Michigan when the punter was blocked and threw it right to a Spartan?  

Comment 20 Mar 2019

Why are you using the words "male victims"? Are you telling us that you believe Kraft was a "victim". Of what, soliciting prostitution from an Asian woman who was being forced to live in the massage parlor under threats of beatings and possibly death, and being forced to provide sexual services?

Who in the hell is the victim here?

People need to read more on why the FBI was conducting a sting operation at these massage places in Florida. These women were being brought in from foreign countries with promises of paying for school, a job, etc. then once they are here, being forced to live in closets, etc. at these places, being beaten and threatened constantly with either deportation or death if they don't bring in cash for extra services. Many of them were working 16 hour shifts, servicing many men over the course of a day. 

Its part of the course that Kraft and others will be required to complete. It will show him exactly what happens to these young women , why they are there and how their lives are destroyed, resulting in many of them committing suicide. And how they are contributing to this misery by patronizing these places, putting money in the pockets of the owners and traffickers.

Comment 19 Mar 2019

BS, apparently most of the posters on here didn't bother to read the rest of the article.  As is noted above, the plea deal includes not just admitting publicly they were guilty of soliciting prostitution but they also have to pay a $5,000 fine per count( Kraft was charged with two counts) submit to a sexually transmitted disease screening, complete a course about prostitution, and perform 100 hours of community service. 

Imagine Bob Kraft out along the road picking up trash, cleaning public bathrooms, working in a homeless shelter, etc. Yes, his wealth and privilege are carrying him far. 

If he is convicted, that conviction will be on his record, he will likely serve some jail time and the rest of the above will either be included or possibly increased. The video tape evidence will be played in court and would be publicly released. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

And I'm sure none of them are losing sleep over it.  They did what they thought was in the best interest of this player from a health and welfare perspective, and from liability for OSU. Yes, smart doctors practice defensive medicine because our tort system has created that atmosphere.

Considering Dean's famous orthopedist, Andrews, is currently being sued by Sharrif Floyd of the Minnesota Vikings for $180 M because of the outcome of a knee surgery Andrews performed on him. you can see why many docs will be cautious.