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Movies Where You Couldn't Take Your Eyes...

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February 15, 2015 at 1:53pm
96 Comments the lead actress because of her beauty. 

I'm not talking nudity or sex, but just the sheer beauty of the woman. I know I am forgetting some, and some of these actresses may not have hit me the same way in other movies, but here are a few I thought of in no particular order.

1) Paz Vega - Spanglish (on right now and the inspiration for this list)

2) Cameron Diaz - The Mask (never better looking then her first movie imo)

3) Catherine Zeta Jones - The Mask of Zorro (although Entrapment was a close 2nd)

4) Charlize Theron - Reindeer Games (first movie I saw her in)

5) Salma Hayek - After the Sunset (so many movies she is sexy in, but beautiful in this one)

6) Kate Beckinsale - Serendipity (teamed with John Cusack who has rarely makes a bad movie imo)

7) Scarlett Johansson - The Island (another sexy gal who is beautiful in this sleeper)

8) Gene Tierney - Laura (old school beauty from 1944)

9) Grace Kelly - Dial M For Murder (the princess in the Hitchcock classic)

10) Jane Seymour - Somewhere in Time (romance with Superman)

11) Nicole Kidman - Dead Calm (never more beautiful then this thriller imo)

12) Julia Roberts - Notting Hill (yeah, I know, big mouth, I can't help, I liked Carly Simon too)

13) Julia Ormond - Legends of the Fall (I hate this movie, which my wife has watched 10x or more, but she makes it palatable)

14) Lee Remick - Anatomy of a Murder (great movie and her at her best)

15) Audrey Hepburn - Roman Holiday (another oldie but cutie)

OK, I could probably go to 100, but I will stop here. Share some of yours, or maybe you like some of these in different movies...thanks for reading.


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