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Two Coats That Need A Good Home

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July 24, 2014 at 9:52am

Fellow 11W's I have a consulted with the powers that be here on our favorite site (Jason) and asked permission to put two of my OSU coats up for adoption.
Over the past two years I've been on a mission to get myself back to being healthy and fit. For the most part I'm succeeding. As a byproduct of the weight loss I no longer can wear a lot of my Buckeye gear. So I'm selling my two coats to a good home.
There are two for sale and I'm willing to negotiate. These coats/jackets (whatev) are in excellent condition and the ONLY reason I'm selling is that they now look like Hot Air Balloons deflated around a telephone pole on me. Any interest is appreciated and thanks for reading.
Both jackets/coats are size XXL. Forgot to mention that!

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