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Ohio guy. Brief stint in Indiana for school but brought my talents back to the Buckeye State.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Indiana game 2011.
    First game with my Dad since 1993. Hit the Skull Session, had decent seats, GREAT weather, Braxton set a school record, Bucks pulled out a victory, and to top it off after the game we got our picture taken with Gordon Gee and Gene Smith.
    I'll remember that day the rest of my life. That is what it's all about folks.

  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: #27. '95 Heisman Winner,'96 NFL ROTY,9yr NFL Vet, 10K yd RB, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur,Thespian.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: ~still~ Aaron Craft
  • NHL TEAM: Would rather watch Buckeye replays.
  • NBA TEAM: Any and all former Buckeyes.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Would rather watch Buckeye replays

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Comment 24 Apr 2019
Second school in two years. No Starts. New playbook. Crazier things have happened, but man I think we're expecting a bit much outta the kid if it's NC or bust. I hope the hell everything clicks and the offense is a fire breathing death machine but I'm not calling for heads if it's not. Now, not this season but next..... Fields by then should be who we need him to be this year and riding on fools all the way to New York.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
I gotta say, the unprecedented move, the knight in shining armor, the call to the bullpen, the return of the King (and on and on and on) might just appeal to the guy. Urban is a confident (maybe egotistical?) man and this would be hard to for that side of him to say no to.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
He still says we and us and our. Damn right. (I know he's an employee of the university still, but most casual observers might not know or care to know)
Comment 16 Apr 2019
Anecdotes. About everyone. All of them. Go. Also, What the hell was up with Marc Loving?
Comment 13 Apr 2019
These were actually approved by someone. Alternate uniforms have run their course. All they are now are contractually obligated blatent cash grabs. Instead of completed fleshed out designs that look cool contractually obligated blatent cash grabs.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
First, no dv from me, brother. I care about getting great prospects and recognize the importance of bringing in superior talent. But I just don't get worked up about the details anymore.
Comment 03 Apr 2019
I used to get very wrapped up in recruiting. Visits, crystal balls, rumours, top 7 lists, who camped here, who wore osu socks to where......then I realized something. Don't. It's pointless to stress or even be concerned. We get who we get and the coaches will develop them.