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Hell Yes

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July 23, 2014 at 4:25pm

Things are starting to look up for me with the VA after years of trying to get somewhere with it. Just got a call from the VA Hospital here in Dayton telling me i will have no co-pay on my visit's or my Meds so that means i got it. Now its taking care of gettng my monthly payment's next.

Been a long long hard battle over the years to get this far along but god does these feel good and im not really sure how to feel right now . I want to dance and sing but at the same time i want to cry which i can't do because a man does not cry. I know that sounds crazy but that is how i was raised.

Damn i don't know because i have so many emotions going on inside i can't set still right now. But their all good emtions at least.

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