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Visiting Boston

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July 10, 2014 at 9:26am

Good morning fellow 11w'ers. So i just found out that my work is sending me up to Boston in 2 weeks for a training class, and then again in October (weekend of the PSU game, those dicks!). I've never been there before, so i wanted to see if anyone knew of a few specific places to sight-see while I am there. Naturally my first thought was sporting events, and as much as i don't care for the Red Sox i have always wanted to see Fenway.  Of course they are out of town that weekend but i might still do a ballpark tour.

For the October trip, the Bruins are away and the Patriots play the Bears so i may go see that game. I will have the lady with me for that October trip so we will probably go out to a few restaurants and all that stuff.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice!!! 

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