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Cleveland Lands 2016 RNC

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July 8, 2014 at 5:33pm

"CLEVELAND, Ohio – Capping off a months-long, bipartisan lobbying effort, Cleveland has been selected to host of the 2016 Republican National Convention."

"Cleveland edged out Dallas, the other finalist, as the recommended location for the convention, giving the city an opportunity to strut its stuff to a national crowd while placing Ohio even more firmly in the political spotlight for the upcoming presidential election."

"The GOP is considering June 28 and July 18 as possible dates for the convention, Priebus said during the interview."

I'm glad an Ohio city landed a national convention. For those who don't know, Columbus and Cincinnati made the Republican round of 8 before being eliminated. This convention will bring Cleveland, and Ohio, even more into the spotlight and can help highlight the great qualities of our state!

Cleveland getting this convention is proof that the city has invested heavily into infrastructure since it last lost on the 2008 GOP bid. Cleveland has added a new convention center, thousands of hotel beds, and boasts a strong/revitalized downtown. This convention won't completely change national perception of my hometown but it certainly can help it.

It is estimated that Cleveland will need to raise an additional $50-60 million in order to host the convention but the return could be well-over $200 million into the local economy. Remember, it doesn't matter if your persuasion is red or blue... Cleveland (and Ohio) will make some green!

DISCLAIMER: I'm posting this as a way to point out the positive change which has happened in Cleveland and the positive changes that are yet to come. I am not endorsing and/or condoning one political party or another. 

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