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Crossfit Affiliate's lawsuit against Dr. Steven Devor of tOSU and the NSCA.

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March 28, 2014 at 4:22pm

Here is an article from December of 2013 that partially describes a study conducted by Dr. Devor of tOSU, an Exercise Physiology professor. 

Here is the lawsuit filed on 3/26/14 in Franklin County Common Please court against Dr. Devor and the NSCA in regards to this study.

I do not have permission to attach the study in this forum, but if anyone has access through their schools library or through the NSCA's Journal, it should be easy to find.

This cross-fit forum has typical responses from people who believe in the program. I am assuming that most of these people have not actually read the study.

The only personal statement I will add to this is that I am finishing my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. This lawsuit is going to get interesting and also end badly. The Ohio State University will not allow a well respected professor to be sabotaged with a lawsuit of this nature. He neither said nor implied anything of any nature that would put Cross-Fit in to bad light.

Edit: The Journal is " The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research".



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