James Franklin Misspeaks Ahead of Ohio State Game: “My Focus is Completely on Illinois”

By Kevin Harrish on October 26, 2021 at 1:16 pm
James Franklin

James Franklin's weekly press conference was... rough.

After an ugly loss to Illinois this weekend and swirling speculation about his coaching future, Franklin faced some uncomfortable questions in his weekly press conference. Unfortunately for him, his answers were not great.

When asked if he was committed to being Penn State's head coach next year, Franklin did what he could to dodge the question and indicate that he was focused on the moment and the opponent at hand.

... except he got the opponent wrong.

"My focus is completely on Illinois, and this team, and this program," Franklin said during his press conference. "I think I've shown over my 8 years my commitment to this university and this community. And that's kind of my statement."

Franklin referenced Illinois multiple times in his press conference, despite the obvious fact that the Nittany Lions are playing Ohio State in five days. To make matters worse, Franklin slipped again, calling Ohio Stadium "The Big House."

Obviously, Franklin misspoke and means Ohio State and The Horseshoe, but it's not the best look when you're trying to convince a room full of people that you're solely focused on the upcoming opponent while simultaneously getting their name and stadium wrong.

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