Slay Travis: The Final Tally Following a Season of Fading Clay Travis and His "Can't-Miss Picks"

By Ray C. Vitals on December 7, 2017 at 3:05 pm
We are officially the champions after netting a nice little profit.

The sweet taste of victory.

It has been a fun ride, but the final week before bowl season means that our long journey has finally come to an end. Three months ago I was just a kid from Akron who wanted to spend the season fading the biggest doofus on the internet. Now I'm a kid from Akron who's made a profit while doing just that. #ShootersShoot

Before we get into the final tally, let's take a peak back to the conference championship games. This past weekend was yet another winning one as we went 5-2 with our only misses being fairly predictable. We had North Texas covering (+11.5) against FAU and the Lane Train, but that one wasn't even close. The Owls captured the Conference USA crown with a 41-17 victory. We did hit on the under (64 points), however. 

We also had the under (83) in the Central Florida/Memphis game. That was a ridiculously high total, but these are two of the country's more explosive teams. Scott Frost and the Knights were victorious in what was a thriller of a game. The final score was 62-55, so we weren't even close on that one. 

We took care of business in all of the other conference title games. Stanford, Georgia, Clemson, and Oklahoma each covered the spread. I'm especially happy about the SEC title game. Auburn defeating Alabama in the Iron Bowl basically prevented Ohio State from getting into the College Football Playoff, so I'm glad the Dawgeyes took down Gus Malzahn. 

Reminder of the Process That Was:

  • No analysis was involved as we were just making the opposite picks of Clay Travis. None of this actually reflected our gambling thoughts, opinions, or insight.
  • We stuck with $10 for each line. Please note that the lines did move throughout the week.
  • Ohio State was never included on our end.

Final Tally:

  • Initial Funds: $500
  • Previous Week: +$25.49 (!)
  • Overall Profit: +$69.88 (!!)
  • Ending Funds: $569.88

What a glorious season it was! Things started out rough for us, but then we bounced back en route to a profitable endeavor. I may know next to nothing about gambling on sports, but I do know it's never a bad idea to fade someone who probably has the worst takes on earth. In this case, it worked out in our favor. 

Clay started off the season by going 12-3, which was a shock to pretty much anyone who follows his scorching hot takes on Twitter. After all, this is the guy who claimed two weeks ago that his "evidence" told him that Jon Gruden would be the next coach at Tennessee.

We should be on a beach somewhere.

Everything came together nicely after week one. Our overall record was 83-67. We made picks for all 14 weeks of the college football season and ended with 10 winning weekends, three in which we lost, and one where we went for a 5-5 tie. Week 13 was our best effort as we nailed eight of our nine submissions. 

The initial investment was $500, and we ended up at $569.88. That's a 14 percent profit, ladies and gentlemen. And there was absolutely zero effort or real analysis involved. We simply went against the Clay grain and now we're in a better place. It's a great time to be alive.

Had we invested more, we could be on the Pacific somewhere soaking up the sun with Andy Dufresne. 

Thanks for following the adventure. #GetRich

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