Slay Travis: On Fire Once Again and Looking to Nail Every Single Conference Championship Game

By Ray C. Vitals on November 30, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Butch Jones and Bert Bielema are currently unemployed and nowhere near the SEC Championship.

"It's an amazing thing to say, 'I'm beautiful,' without feeling like you're being cocky." -Christina Aguilera

We just had our biggest weekend of the season and we're currently sitting at about a 10 percent profit. Following an initial investment of $500, we've worked our way up to $544.39 simply by doing the opposite of what Richard "Clay" Travis advises.  

Week 13 was our finest showing of the season. We hit on eight of our nine selections and were oh so close to going undefeated. While we were busy being nearly perfect, ole Rich was occupied with leading a group of hillbilly minions fighting for the pipe dream that has been Jon Gruden.

Ohio State's defensive coordinator found himself in the middle of the chaos, and in a way he's the big winner here as he won't be spending any time in Knoxville. To no one's surprise, the Volunteer fanbase has once again proved itself to be one of the worst in America and now no competent coach seems to want any part of that dumpster fire. #ShootersShoot 

Last week our lone loss came courtesy of the Memphis/East Carolina game. We took the under on the 79.5 projected total. Memphis ended up prevailing by a score of 70-13. Other than that we were golden thanks mostly to the Southeastern Conference. 

Seemingly every SEC school contributed in some way to our unparalleled success. Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Vandy, Kentucky, Arkansas, and South Carolina were all a part of the action. Even though Alabama didn't do Ohio State any favors in terms of its playoff aspirations, we still must give thanks to the conference as a whole. 

Weekly Reminder:

  • No analysis is involved as we are just making the opposite picks. None of this actually reflects our gambling thoughts, opinions, or insight.
  • For now we are sticking with $10 on each line. Please note that the lines do move throughout the week.
  • Ohio State won't be included on our end.

Clay's Conference Championship Picks:

Eleven Warriors' Conference Championship Picks:

Stanford (+4) vs USC 

North Texas (+11.5) vs. Florida Atlantic, UNDER 74

Central Florida vs. Memphis, UNDER 83

Georgia (+2.5) vs. Auburn

Clemson (-9.5) vs. Miami

Oklahoma (-7.5) vs. TCU 

Where things stand:

  • Initial Funds: $500
  • Previous Week: +$58.15 (!!!!!)
  • Current Funds: $544.39
  • Pending Bets: 7
  • Pending Funds: $70

Overall I'd say that I feel pretty good about our conference championship picks. My lone concern is betting against Lane Kiffin since he's become a hero this week with his ridiculously strong Twitter game

Auburn is probably the hottest team in America right now, and it will look to take down Georgia for the second time this season. Our strategy has us taking Georgia +2.5. I think that's doable, but a lot may depend on Kerryon Johnson's availability for the Tigers. He ran for 167 against the Bulldogs a few weeks back and is coming off a 100-yard performance against Alabama as well. We'll see if he can bounce back from the shoulder injury. 

Stanford and USC could really go in any direction. The Trojans won at home back in September, but they've had moments this season where they just couldn't do a whole lot. If Miami looks anything like they did last weekend then Mark Richt is in for some major problems. The Buckeyes need Oklahoma to win, so let's go ahead and say Baker Mayfield pulls out a double-digit win over TCU. 

This may be the best weekend of the college football season. It will be even better after we go 7-0. #GetRich

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