Slay Travis: Thanksgiving and Rivalry Games Are the Perfect Recipe for Going Undefeated in Week 13

By Ray C. Vitals on November 23, 2017 at 3:05 pm
The stakes are especially high in this weekend's Iron Bowl.

"Never trust a man whose favorite Thanksgiving side dish is cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes." -Albert Einstein

Last weekend's slate was an awful sight to behold, but the results weren't too shabby for us. Our picks went 6-5 and we brought home a respectable $4.54. Thus far we've won some cash on eight of the 12 college football weekends.

With rivalry week now staring us in the face, let's try to keep that trend going. 

Last week we had Kansas (+37) against the Sooners. Baker Mayfield and his crotch-grabbing antics were victorious by a score of 41-3, so that was a tough beat for us. We also had Florida International keeping it close against Florida Atlantic (+14.5). We learned a very tough lesson with the Owls 28-point victory: never doubt Lane Kiffin. #ShootersShoot

We were heavy on the unders last week, and several teams came through in that regard. LSU/Tennesee (under 46), Louisville/Syracuse (under 73.5), and Missouri/Vandy (under 67) were three of our successful picks. Shoutout to those fine establishments for not scoring too many points.

I had this sneaking suspicion that Michigan was going to upset Wisconsin. Clay didn't lay any money on that one, but I'm glad my gut feeling was off. The Wolverine offense was about as lackluster as they come in Madison. Hopefully that continues into this weekend.

Weekly reminder:

  • No analysis is involved as we are just making the opposite picks. None of this actually reflects our gambling thoughts, opinions, or insight.
  • For now we are sticking with $10 on each line. Please note that the lines do move throughout the week.
  • Ohio State won't be included on our end.

Clay's Week 13 Picks:

Eleven Warriors' Week 13 Picks:

Arkansas (+10) vs. Missouri 

Kentucky vs. Louisville, UNDER 68.5

Florida vs. Florida State, OVER 44

Charlotte (+22) vs. Florida Atlantic

Vanderbilt (+1.5) @ Tennessee

Washington (-9.5) vs. Washington State

Memphis vs. East Carolina, UNDER 79.5

Auburn (+4.5) vs. Alabama

Clemson (-13.5) @ South Carolina

Where things stand:

  • Initial Funds: $500
  • Previous Week: +$4.54 (!)
  • Current Funds: $486.24
  • Pending Bets: 9
  • Pending Funds: $90

Here we are once again being forced to side with Bert Bielema. The Razorbacks' fearless leader is almost assuredly getting canned in the coming weeks, so obviously I'm not a fan of picking Arkansas in any capacity really.

I certainly don't want Auburn to defeat Alabama as that would be a punch in the gut to Ohio State's playoff chances. Do I think Auburn can keep it close? Absolutely. The Fighting Malzahns are one of the hottest teams in the country right now. But give me Alabama by about 7-10 points. I'm not totally comfortable with picking Auburn to cover. 

I mentioned it earlier, but we've learned never to doubt Lane Kiffin, and that's exactly why I hate taking Charlotte to cover against FAU. I don't think I even knew there was a college football team in Charlotte. Kiffin has spent the week photoshopping and tweeting images of Nick Saban wearing jeans with holes in them. He's clearly dialed in for this one. 

I see a lot of points being scored in the South Carolina/Clemson game, but siding with Clemson to cover probably isn't a bad thing. The Gamecocks have been another surprisingly decent team, so who really knows with this one? Usually I'm not a fan of rolling with the points in a Florida game, but 44 is a pretty low number and I feel the Gators and Noles should be able to surpass that total.

Happy rivalry week, ladies and gents. Enjoy the time with your families and stay safe. We're sure to go 9-0 on this fine holiday weekend. #GetRich

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