A Day with Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster

By D.J. Byrnes on August 19, 2014 at 10:46 am

Bud Foster is 55 years-old and has been defensive coordinator of Virginia Tech since Bill Clinton's first term.

And while Virginia Tech will likely be unranked when they travel to Columbus for their Week Two clash with the Buckeyes, the Hokies will still provide a stiff test for Ohio State.

Bud Foster will be a big part of that test.

The Key Play, an independent Virginia Tech blog, profiled their legendary defensive coordinator:

On his personnel: He's convinced that no one in America could block 230-pound defensive end Dadi Nicolas if he weighed 250.

On what jungle animal would make the best defensive end: He'd take 4 gorillas across the line, "They've got speed, quickness, length, tenacity, and aggressiveness."

On the 2009 Miami game: "I told [Miami defensive coordinator] John Lovett, 'Y'all better be careful here that your kids aren't buying into the media hype, because you're getting ready to run into a buzzsaw.' And that was one of those days where everything's going right. I was rolling sevens."

He's as fond of playing Georgia Tech's one-off offense as one might expect: "They're a pain in the tail. We change our whole scheme for that game. We probably had more [coaches] try to come and talk to us about that as much as anything.

Foster could be the next head coach of the Hokies, so if you're looking for information into a premier out-of-conference foe of Ohio State's, The Key Play delivered the goods. 

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