The Real Hate Map: No, Ohio Doesn't Totally Hate Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on August 7, 2014 at 2:42 pm

You may have seen that "hate map" floating around social media this week in which it's claimed Ohio State is the most hated college football team in the state of Ohio.

Here's the flawed image, for the record: 

Everybody hates Michigan.

(Yes, u/Funtubs is Funtubs of 11W fame.) 

Some might look at the above image and say, "Michigan being hated from coast to coast seems to lend a nature of legitimacy to this image." Sadly, they would be mistaken.

While it might be shocking to some, images on the internet are not always trustworthy. Allow Funtubs to elaborate on what went wrong:

I posted on /r/CFB with a poll and gave the results to someone else to make the map. I could see every individual answer and the time it was submitted and I noticed a TON of spam (~4000 out of 7000 votes). My original plan was to make 2 maps, one of the raw data and one without the spam, but the first one was posted without the second one being done due to bad communication. So here is the correct data after taking out all the spam:

dont get upset over nothing

This seems like a much better map, to be honest. Please note, however, it is not an official poll. Don't get upset over nothing.

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