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Comment 07 Dec 2014

Glad I'm not the only one. It's definitely possible for the Big Ten to go over .500 in bowl games. 

Comment 11 Nov 2014
Love Elliott but Samuel is just a true freshman too. Can't wait for the 2-3 back system with EZE, Samuel, and possibly Harris. Running back is the position where you can never have enough quality players
Comment 10 Nov 2014
I remember one EZE run down the sideline where Michael Thomas had a huge block on a corner that probably added 10 more yards to the run. It was great to watch.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
Is Harris going to wear #34 too?
Comment 09 Nov 2014

Neither really, or a combination of both.  The playoff is meant to find the best team in the country, not reward teams who did well in the regular season.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Urban still trusts him, which is good. Even after his fumble and dropped catch, he still was in there and caught a touchdown pass.  He felt bad about it but it shows that the coaches believe that he can still get the job done and want to get his confidence back up.

Comment 07 Nov 2014
Went to high school near Rondae and paid attention to his team when he was ballin' there. He's one of my favorite players not on Ohio State and an awesome talent.
Comment 20 Oct 2014
Whenever they're both in the game it seems like at least one of them is involved in every play, I love their instincts, power, and speed
Comment 19 Oct 2014
Raekwon is slowly becoming one of my favorite Buckeyes, as well as Darron and Jalin
Comment 16 Oct 2014
Our O-Line won't be completely gutted we'll have Braxton and JT to work with (maybe throw Braxton in at WR) lots of talented WRs with experience now keep the most productive RBs still have Vannett Raekwon and Co. at LBs will be solid most DBs are returning D-Line will still have Bosa and hopefully Spence and lots of young players competing for DT Yeah I think next year will be scary good, still excited for the rest of this year too though
Comment 12 Oct 2014
This year more than past years, it seems like no team is better than all of their competition. Most teams highly ranked in the preseason already have a loss, FSU and Notre Dame haven't looked that great at times, we're still not sure how good the SEC West actually is and if the Mississippi schools are actually in the top 5 in the country. I don't think there will be a team that actually comes through looking like they will win the playoff. The rankings don't really matter anyway, so at this point I just want to watch good exciting football
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