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Comment 4 hours ago
Very true. Saw an accident happen not too long ago on 71 because of a driver not paying attention. People going the opposite direction were taking pictures of the wreck while driving by, causing more slowdown.
Comment 23 Jul 2014

Just so everyone knows, there's no such thing as biomechanical engineering at Ohio State, the article must have meant biomedical engineering.

Comment 21 Jul 2014
There's always next year at least. Hopefully we can get him before that.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
It looks like D'Angelo Russell to me, but I have no idea why he would be there. Edit: No way that's Russell, he's listed at 6'5"
Comment 15 Jul 2014
As far as the shore, I meant the beaches and boardwalks. But yeah the TV show shows how New Jersey is in certain parts.
Comment 15 Jul 2014
Fair point. If Braxton gets injured our offense is going to be mostly in the run game. It could still be possible with the playmakers that could step up but the path the the playoffs would be a lot tougher.
Comment 03 Jul 2014

Reading that made me realize how much I hate the standard forum format, with tons of space in between comments and so much extra fluff. Thank you Eleven Warriors for having a website that looks nice and is easy to read.

Comment 03 Jul 2014
I don't know about you guys, but ever since I visited OSU for the first time I can feel the family atmosphere. I think its not only that the players are family but the university at a whole brings together the players with the students, staff, and alumni.
Comment 25 Jun 2014
OK I gotcha. But at this point more Josh Sweat and Justin Hilliard threads are inevitable
Comment 23 Jun 2014
Am I the only one that thinks that Hilliard and Cornell might just trolling OSU fans and may commit to Notre Dame instead?