Oklahoma State Remodels Coaches Offices with Eye Towards Improved Recruiting

By D.J. Byrnes on June 30, 2018 at 12:18 pm
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Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder recently went on a podcast and criticized the recruiting efforts of Mike Gundy for not finishing higher in the national recruiting rankings.

The decision was a curious choice considering Holder could've presumably lifted a phone and called Gundy, and Holder soon thereafter apologized for the gaffe.

The Pokes, to their credit, recently reworked their football facility with an eye toward wowing recruits.

From 247sports.com:

Oklahoma State football is remodeling the area that serves as a lobby and a display on the level of the coaches offices. In the past there was a display saluting Boone Pickens for his donation to rebuild the stadium. Barry Sander' Heisman Trophy was a centerpiece in that area and it had pictures and salutes the All-American and All-Conference Cowboys as well as trophies from Oklahoma State bowl games. However, we all know that we live in a visual and interactive age. Mike Gundy and his staff, including recruiting coordinator Mike Groce and on-campus recruiting director Patsy Armstrong have seen other schools and had new ideas to better display Oklahoma State football to recruits. 

Now it is game on as some displays have already been changed throughout the building and there is always an emphasis on showing off the Cowboys that have graduated on to the National Football League and that is and will continue to be prominently displayed. 

Turns out pictures of old billionaires aren't as good of a recruiting tool as a Fathead of Brandon Weeden. Who knew? The pictures look impressive, though.

Cute Trophies, Boys

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