Titus on Ohio State's Loss to Michigan

By Jason Priestas on February 6, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Mark Titus isn't even mad.

Take a deep breath, Ohio State fans, and think about it: If you would've known before the game that Michigan would hit 14 3-pointers, have five players score in double figures, and shoot 47 percent from the field, how much would you have guessed Ohio State would've lost by? Twenty? Fifty? A million? Heading into the game, I was certain the night would end in embarrassment for the Buckeyes. Sure, OSU matches up better with Michigan than any team in the country, but the Wolverines were coming off a loss and they were playing a revenge game at home against their rivals. Meanwhile, except for the November game at Duke, the Buckeyes haven't played particularly well on the road this season. All signs pointed to a Michigan blowout. But Ohio State rose to the occasion and provided us with the best game in college basketball this year.


Anyway, stay positive, Buckeyes fans. I've been saying all year that if Ohio State could get everything clicking, they have the pieces necessary to make a national championship run. Tuesday night proved it. Now let's cross our fingers and hope they put forth a similar effort when Indiana comes to Columbus on Sunday.

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