Unfortunately Alex Boone Won't Make Your Wedding

By Jason Priestas on February 2, 2013 at 10:52 am

The Dispatch's Rob Oller on how Alex Boone turned his life around:

Everything is good now. Alex Boone is happily married and has a young son. His team is in the Super Bowl, and the starting right guard for the San Francisco 49ers even has a Bay Area zoo rhinoceros named for him.


And, finally, the drinking problem is under control. As long as the former Ohio State lineman stays away from weddings. No weddings.

“He struggles at weddings. He doesn’t go to bars or weddings,” said Amy Boone, whose giant of a son is the subject of an inspirational story that doubles as a cautionary tale.

Wedding jokes aside, it's always great to see a Buckeye having success. When Boone left Ohio State there weren't too many who thought one day he'd be a starter in a Super Bowl.

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