Announcing Eat Too, Brutus IV and The Gold Pants Social

By 11W Staff on August 1, 2013 at 3:25 pm
Someone just won shorts signed by Mark Titus in the raffle.
Eat Too, Brutus IV
Eat Too, Brutus IV
SAT, SEP. 28, 2013 - 12PM
263-265 W NORWICH AVE Map
DownSyndrome Achieves

Three years ago, we threw a little party for our readers prior to the Miami game. We spent much of the afternoon making trips to the hidden kegs – it was that kind of operation. But the turnout blew us away and, better yet, the Buckeyes trounced the Hurricanes later that day.

We decided to raise our game for 2011, throwing an even bigger tailgate that benefited the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. We ate City Barbeque and drank with even more of you, including a beloved post presence, and managed to raise almost $6,000 for charity before this happened at the Shoe. Not bad for basement-dwellers.

Last year, we decided to go even bigger. We moved Eat Too, Brutus to swanky new digs behind the Varsity Club, complete with porta potties, multiple televisions, food-a-plenty and a beer truck full of Yuengling. Hundreds of you showed up, Titus autographed his Final Four spandex, and we raised over $10,000 for DownSyndrome Achieves. For a nightcap, we watched the Buckeyes hang 63 on Nebraska.

How do we top that this year? Simple: We're gathering the weekend of the Wisconsin game, heading back to the same great spot, bringing City Barbeque, the Yuengling truck and adding...a few extras.


A sizeable contingent from the Ohio State Marching Band will be on hand to kick off the festivities. Two lucky patrons will be selected as guest conductors to lead them in playing Across the Field as well as Hang on Sloopy.

You're picturing yourself conducting the band right now. Don't be embarrassed. Everyone is. #bucketlist


Later in the day, Columbus' own Mekka Don will perform. He has a new song coming out, called "Juice." You'll hear it at the stadium on Saturdays this season.

There will be plenty of other goodies on Saturday, all of which will be fun and will ultimately benefit a great, great cause.

But then there's also the Friday night prior to the tailgate.

The Gold Pants Social Presented by Eleven Warriors

On Friday night The Gold Pants Social presented by Eleven Warriors will take place in the players' lounge at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

The Gold Pants Social presented by Eleven Warriors

Attendees will mingle with former coaches, players, fans and your friends at 11W all while raising money to purchase the charms the players will receive for beating Michigan. There will be plenty of food on hand at the WHAC as well as craft beer from The Land Grant Brewing Company.

Yes, this is literally a Gold Pants party.

Buckeye greats whom you'll meet Friday night include Jim Lachey, Bobby Carpenter, Matt Finkes, Mike Tomczak, Craig Krenzel, Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson and John Cooper. The roster of former players and coaches is growing by the day as their confirmations trickle in, so expect many additions to this list.

You can never pay back; but you can always pay forward. - Woody Hayes, misquoting improving a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can only improve upon a weekend of Buckeye football by paying forward, which is why we Eat Too, Brutus. - Eleven Warriors

100% of all proceeds from each event will go directly to the Gold Pants Club and DownSyndrome Achieves, respectively. Many of our sponsors, like City Barbeque, are graciously donating their efforts and contributions, which only benefits the charity more.

You/your company have the same opportunity. Contact us if you would like to showcase your products at the tailgate.

We expect both events to sell out very quickly, as space is limited.


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