Tilt-Shift Ohio State: 10 Photos of Campus Venues, Buildings and Scenery

By Jason Priestas on April 10, 2013 at 3:31 pm
Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium and nearby campus

Tilt-shift photography is a photo effect that creates a shallow depth of field, making the subject look like a miniature-scale model. The technology actually dates from the 1960s, but it's experienced a revival of sorts as techniques to create the effect have become popular with tools like Photoshop.

The web is full of amazing tilt-shift photos, but Ohio State is sorely underrepresented in the tilt-shift world. We're hoping to change that. Please enjoy these 10 tilt-shift images of Ohio State venues, buildings and other scenery.

[Click on any image to view a larger version.]

Tilt-shift Orton Hall at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium from the 1960s

Tilt-shift Mirror Lake at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Schottenstein Center at Ohio State

South Campus tilt-shift at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Ohio Stadium

Tilt-shift Ohio Union at Ohio State

Tilt-shift Script Ohio

Tilt-shift 1950s Ohio Stadium


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