Ye Old YouTube Theatre Friday... On a Sunday

By Luke Zimmermann on September 5, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Looking forward, we'll probably use Sunday afternoon/evenings as an opportunity to release that week's latest stab at attempting a coherent BlogPoll balot. Given that this week we have a pretty potential top 10 re-arranging clash still to be hashed out tomorrow evening, we're going to hold off on releasing our arbitrary guesses at how to rank teams this early on until we have a chance to check out the two relative heavyweights' clash then. In the interim, we give you a pair of YouTube'tastic looks back at this past Thursday night to get the proverbial hype wagon a rollin' for next Saturday.

The dual Script Ohio shot from the stands:


And lastly, a phenomenal, condensed highlight version of the entire Marshall game:

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