Putting the HURR in Hurricanes

By poguemahone on September 11, 2010 at 7:02 pm

It's the simple things in life:

  • Four interceptions. The best of which was by Big Cam Heyward, followed by a heroic 80-yard jaunt and a juke move that would have made Ironhead proud.
  • It wasn't his best day in terms of actually completing passes, but a touchdown running and throwing to go with nearly 350 yards of total offense for Terrelle Pryor in the season's first big game? I'll take it.
  • Holding the Miami offense to 10 points is no joke. Take away the special teams touchdowns, and this is a hellacious blowout.
  • Zoom was limited, but Boom stepped up big, notching a touchdown on the ground and taking a shovel pass 47 yards to set up 1st and goal.
  • All class by The Senator in kneeling down with first and goal. It's the Canes, and I would have donned a cape and grew a nefarious mustache in full "because we couldn't go for three" mode to run it up, but that's just not the way JT works.

It was far from perfect - kick coverage units need to DO WORK in practice this week - but it was plenty of fun fun to watch, and you can't argue with 2-0. Now, it's time to don our keffiyehs and horn rimmed glasses, and post the customary celebratory Indie Rock.

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