If It's on the Internet, It's True

By Jason Priestas on January 31, 2010 at 6:00 am
Tony Dorsett thinks Pitt is a great fit for the Big TenNot so fast, Tony

There's nothing close to confirmation on this one, but the Twitterwebs are on fire with word of Pitt Pittsburgh becoming the 12th member of the Big Ten. The Big East is set to get raided once again and the big announcement is coming on Thursday.

The only thing is... it doesn't add up.

For starters, the Big Ten's study for expansion is expected to take 12-18 months. This is the Big Ten we're talking about. It likes to hang out at the five and dime, says "swell" a lot and still reads the newspaper. It does not hitch up with a girl after a 30 day courtship.

Further, the manner in which the news supposedly leaked is fishy: Pitt athletes receiving word in closed door meetings and then blasting the news on Twitter before deleting the incriminating Tweets. Despite the fact Twitter's search digs up deleted entries, none have turned up. And these days, with Division I athletes 140 characters away from broadcasting something to the world, you can bet there's a good chance they will get the news the same time the general public does.

Still, until there's more of an official denial from Pitt or the Big Ten, this will be talked about. And make no mistake about it, Pitt has a lot of redeeming qualities (AAU member, solid athletics, geography) and they may in fact eventually be the choice, but I'm having a hard time believing the Big Ten moved on expansion just a month into their study on the topic.