Spring Ball News and Notes

By Corey Carpenter on April 8, 2009 at 7:00 am
Thaddeus Gibson, human missleHow many TKOs for Gibson this fall?

Much to the delight of BuckeyeSki and the rest of Buckeye Nation, basketball season is officially behind us and we can now completely focus on football.

There seems to be a renewed sense of energy coming from the practice field. Gone is the group who won 4 Big Ten titles, but only 1 bowl game and taking over is a core nucleus of young, dynamic and hopefully speedy players.

Even the Vest can sense the newness, allowing the media to personally witness more than just the stretching routine this week. Ken Gordon of the Dispatch has been so excited, he hasn't slept since Monday, but I think Tressel saw the weather report and wanted to test the media's resolve. Our invite must still be in the mail, so we are going to have to take their word for now.

The most pressing question this spring is the improved throwing mechanics of LiC. There has been plenty of fluff thus far regarding his work ethic, but yesterday brought differing reports($) on his progress. I'm sure it was tough fall like conditions yesterday during practice, but reading he still is having trouble with the simple throws is a bit unsettling. However, come April 25th when we get to see TP in person, I'm sure our sense of awe will quickly return when he turns the corner and goes up field for 20 or hits Posey for a 7 yard slant that turns into a break away TD.

It looks like Mike Adams was back in the starting LT position, but still rotating with Andy Miller. The other 4 spots maybe locked down already, which is a good sign this early in the spring. Word is the coaches have been harping on the O-Line to get more physical and up to the line quicker, perhaps a sign of Pryor getting more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage.

Perhaps it is the unknown factor, but this version of the Silver Bullets gives me a half chub every time I read about them. Brian Rolle has been a personal favorite since his freshman year, while Sabino quickly earned those honors last year and it looks like we are going to see a lot of those two this fall. Most of the work has been done in the nickel thus far, which makes sense due to the B10 offenses and depth all around.

The D-Line took an unknown hit when Robert Rose was carted off the field yesterday, but Lawrence Wilson looks to be on track for a full recovery, Heyward is back at end and Gibson is looking to "destroy everything moving".

Another defensive note was the promotion of Devon Torrence to first string corner. It is no secret we are pulling for Andre Amos to have a healthy senior season, but the rise of another youngster at this thin position is encouraging. Throw in Orhian Johnson turning heads already and for me, the Spring Game can't get here soon enough.

What's your thoughts? Is it too early to make bold predictions? Have you heard or read anything that makes you excited or disappointed? It's a rumored fact Tressel reads 11W, so feel free to leave your thoughts below and they'll be delivered directly to him.