Cris Carter is Coming For You, Michigan Blogger

By Jason Priestas on May 22, 2008 at 1:12 am
"I'd take you out right here."

Evidently Will Leitch had a warmup prior to his incident with Buzz Bissinger a few weeks back on the Costas special. He writes in the latest issue of The Sporting News, about a greenroom encounter with Cris Carter:

Somehow, I ended up being introduced to Cris Carter, formerly from HBO Sports (and the Minnesota Vikings) and now on ESPN. I shook his hand.

“Hello, I’m Will.”

Cris frowned, and even sneaked in a scowl. “Are you the blog guy?”

I smiled. The best way, I’ve learned, to deal with the hostility is just to smile. They’re not expecting that. I suspect they all think we look like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons or, more sinister, like a member of the thrash metal group GWAR. “Yes, sir, I do write a blog.”

Cris’ scowl was no longer sneaky. “You know, I got a problem with you,” the Ohio State grad said, through gritted teeth. “Some Michigan blog said I was an a--hole. Better nobody say that to my face.”

Smiling, trying to look calm, I said, “Well, sir, you know, I didn’t write that.”

Cris took a step closer to me. “You damn well better not of, ’cause if you had, I’d take you out right here.”

I smiled, again, shook his hand, and went on my way.

The million dollar question is which Michigan blogger is on Carter's shit list? There's the obvious choice, but the only thing I can find out of Brian was published after the special and doesn't seem too inflammatory. Any guesses?