Buckeyes & Tigers Score Some Loot

By Mark on January 4, 2008 at 9:00 pm
MarioWhy play Madden when you can play Mario?

This is kind of old news, but I ran across an article on CNNSI while researching for my Bucks' Superdome Past article that I haven't seen anywhere else. I may have missed it elsewhere, but I've got a 5 month old boy who takes up most of my time, so I have an excuse. At least it hasn't been mentioned on 11W yet.

Anyway, I guess the NCAA allows players to receive gifts when they play in bowl games. I figured players received hats, shirts, etc., but I had no idea that they received other gifts. Under NCAA guidelines, the bowls can spend up to $500 on each player for each team.

Each player on the Buckeyes and Tigers will receive a Nintendo Wii, a baseball cap, a watch, and a fleece pullover. With Wii's being one of the hottest sellers this past holiday season, it was pretty difficult to secure them for the players. But rest assured, the Buckeyes and Tigers will be able to run the spread-option with Mario or Luigi in their hotel rooms while waiting for Monday's game.