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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 3, 2003
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman & Orlando Pace
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
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Comment 08 Jan 2020

I have many favorites...Animal House, Dazed and Confused, Slapshot, Goodfellas, etc. But the movie I've watched over and over the most has to be Caddyshack!

(Judge Smails)  It's easy to grin / When your ship comes in / And you've got the stock market beat. / But the man worthwhile, / Is the man who can smile, / When his shorts are too tight in the seat.

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Love John Prine!

I read somewhere that Goodman bought Prine a jukebox from the royalties from "You Never Even Called Me By My Name".  I'm sure JP could've bought several jukeboxes if he would've taken his writing credits for that song.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

 and playing defensive back on defense – and never surrendered a completion in his entire college playing career.

I know they didn't throw the ball much back then, but this is still impressive!  

R.I.P. Hop

Comment 19 Sep 2019

In both high school and college, I'd work loading & unloading trucks at warehouse distribution centers.  They usually look for seasonal help for the holidays.  I worked at the JC Penney distribution center in Reynoldsburg, OH while I was at OSU.  They worked around my schedule while I had class, and then i'd put in 10-12 hour shifts for 3 days a week during school breaks.  It paid very well and kept me in shape too.  I was a good worker, so my supervisor liked me very much and was okay with me reducing hours when class started.  Sometimes I'd even stop working entirely until the next school break opportunity, and I'd call him up, and he'd bring me back in.  

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I didn't realize that was against policy.  I never sold or was involved in selling before.  This was the only time.  The guy that helped me told me to do it if I wanted to.  And if I won, I'd only pay some sort of transaction type fee & then he'd post the item again. 

I didn't do it a lot & It wasn't significant bids, so I wasn't going crazy with that.  Now I know.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Thanks!  It was really tough on me to depart with them, but after talking it over with my mom, it felt right.  Paying a down payment on my house felt like a great reason to do it.  Even though the bottom fell out of the industry, I still made good money doing this.  Some guy who ran a regular local card show helped me with the grading of the cards, and then ultimately sell them on eBay.  I even watched all of the bidding wars, and even placed bids myself to help boost the final sell.  

I also have some old 70's and 80's comic books from both me & my older brother.  I'd love to do the same with them, but it's hard to find time to find a reliable source like I did with those cards to help sell them.  I'm sure I wouldn't make as much money off them, but they're just sitting in my house doing nothing.  I suppose I'd give them to my sons at some point, when they're ready for such a thing.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Hmmm...I had no idea.  It felt sketchy, which is why I wanted some insight.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I collected sports cards when I was a kid.  I still have my collection and will pass it along to my boys.  Most of my cards are from the 70's & 80's.  When cards were at a premium, some of my best cards were:  Wayne Gretzky (r), Walter Payton (r), Joe Montana (r), Dan Marino (r), Roger Clemens (r), Rickey Henderson (r), Tony Gwynn (r), Mark McGwire (USA baseball), etc.  My brother is 6+ years older than me, so I even have a lot of early 70's cards because of him:  Robin Yount (r), Franco Harris (r), etc.

A dad passed his cards to me before he passed away.  He had a ton of 40's Bowman baseball and football cards.  Plus, he had several older brothers, so he had older cards than him.  He even had some of the 1909 cigarette baseball cards that had the famous Honus Wagner card.  He had a bout a dozen of those, but no Honus Wagner.  The sad thing is, he told me that the collection he gave me was about 1/10th of what he owned.  He does not know what happened to the rest of them.  I ended up selling his cards about 10 years ago to help with a down payment on my house.  I figured (an my mom agreed), that was a good reason to depart with them, and my dad would've been more than okay with that.  The card that made the most money in that sell was a 1948 Ted Williams Leaf card.  The only card I kept from his collection was a 1949 Bowman Bob Feller card.  My dad met Bob Feller, and asked him to sign the card.  Feller refused and said it would de-value the card.  So, he signed a baseball for him.  So, my dad mounted the card with the baseball.  And that is what I kept.

Even though the sports card market isn't what it once was, I have fun helping my 2 boys collect cards.  Someday, I'll pass mine to them as well.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Well, I pitched too and I'm a travel baseball coach, so I'm still heavily involved in baseball.  A deep cut on your pitching hand that requires stitches would not be fully healed within 2 weeks.  Yes, the stitches would be out, but there's still a healing process on a cut after the stitches come out.  The force on your hand would still be affected by that injury.  Of course Bauer would say he was fine.  He wouldn't want anyone to blame his less than average performance on his accident.  Tito's quote above admitted Bauer had a "bad finger".  Heck, blisters can land a pitcher on the DL for multiple weeks.  A deep cut that requires stitches on your pitching hand would too, but the Tribe could not afford it at the time because they already had the playoff roster set and they weren't willing to put a WS game in the hands of the rookie (Merritt).

We can go back and forth on this, and never agree. It's my opinion that his injury had horrible timing & that was a part of his poor performance.  And that resulted in a partial reason why we lost the WS.

Bauer has a lot of talent, but I could never trust his decision making. Plus, I was pissed off he chucked that ball over the CF wall last weekend.  I believe he intentionally threw it in that direction due to Mercado's error earlier in that inning.  If he did it for the reasons he stated, it's still a childish act and uncalled for.  He's due 20+ million next year and only wants 1 year contracts after that.  This does not fit the Tribe's model of building a team.  So getting a good return on him now seems like a good thing to me.  We will miss his innings for sure, but it was time to move on.  Hopefully, they can find ways to match his production.  Emerging young talent, or returning healthy veterans will hopefully do that.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Yeah, I said "one of the reasons".  

If you think that a cut that requires stitches does not affect a pitcher, you've lost your mind.  If it were any other time in the season, he would've landed on the DL.  No doubt about it.  

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I didn't blame the WS loss on Bauer.  I said we needed him to step it up, and he didn't.  

Regardless, I like the trade. I feel the Tribe got a good return on him.  Only time will tell though.  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

I was concerned that Bauer would just be a salary dump, especially after what he did in his last start. He’s due about $20+ million next year, & he’s made it known that he only plans to sign 1 year deals from now on. Both of those facts do not line up with how the Tribe do their business.

The Tribe has one of the better starting rotations baseball. Mixed with both veteran and young talent. But we had one of worst OF’s in baseball, production-wise. Puig & Reyes and their combined 49 HRs provide an instant improvement (offensively & defensively). Puig for this year at minimum, & Reyes is controlled through 2024. Reyes will likely DH, but can also play LF. Plus, the other prospects received seem to be pretty good too. Allen is a lefty who will likely be in the pen, but can also start. And Moss (SP/RP) and Nova (3B) seem to be good minor league prospects as well.

If Kluber, Salazar, and Carrasco can return from injuries, we are in good shape to make a deep run. I have confidence that Kluber can. Salazar has been out for a long time, but if he can get anywhere near where he once was, that would be awesome. He’s slated for his first start tomorrow but will be kept to about a 70-80 pitch count at first. Carrasco is a long shot (leukemia), but I hear he should be back at some point. Bieber is proving to be a stud and possible future ace (I’m a Belieber). Clevinger seems to be back on track from his early injuries. Plesac is looking really good in his rookie season. And Plutko, Civale, & Rodriguez can be in the mix too. 

Bauer is an enigma. He has some fantastic stuff, but can be a head-case. Proven by his childish act this past weekend. Truthfully, a lot of Tribe fans (including myself) have never really forgiven him for cutting his hand with his drone in the 2016 playoffs. When Salazar & Carrasco got injured in late September that year, we needed Bauer to step it up & he did that to himself. Leaving Kluber & Tomlin as our only true SPs in that run. Kluber pitched on a tired arm in that Game 7 of the WS, and it was one of the reasons we lost the Series. We needed Bauer, and he cut his hand with a toy. Smh

Go Tribe!

Comment 21 Jun 2019

The knock on Culver is he was only about 30% from 3's last year.  The Cavs were obviously looking for perimeter players who could shoot 3's.  I'm satisfied with the picks.  Just a little worried that both Garland & Sexton are not very big.

Comment 24 May 2019

Yes, Jericho is getting up there in age.  But IMO, there's no other wrestler on the planet like him.  He can take the silliest of ideas and get it over with the crowd.  His egotistical wrestling personality works well as both a heel and a face, although I prefer him as a heel.  And he is always on the cutting edge of new ideas to make things fresh.  And even though any gimmick he may be using would still be very over with the crowd, he's not afraid to change things up to stay fresh.  His in-ring abilities are not what they used to be, but he's still a very good wrestler.  Once AEW signed Jericho, they were legit.

When I was a kid, it was still an unknown that wrestling was scripted.  Of all people, my grandma introduced me to wrestling in the late 70's!  Heels were hated, and often received death threats.  As a kid, I hated them as well.  I fell for it.  I hated guys like Roddy Piper and Ric Flair.  Then over time and as I got a little older, I started cheering for them.  I thought heels were more entertaining.  I remember Chris Jericho in the WCW when he was often battling cruiserweight faces like Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, etc.  Jericho was a very talented, even high-flying wrestler.  He would throw tantrums and whined, and was absolutely hilarious.  And then he made the famous Y2J jump to the WWF/E, and was an instant hit.  Not only was he a top wrestler in his WWF/E time, he came up with many ideas that are still used.  For example, the "Money in the Bank" contract was Jericho's idea.

As you can tell, I'm a Jerichoholic.  I had lost touch with wrestling for a while, but then my 2 boys got into it about 4-5 years ago, and brought me back.  I was excited when Jericho had his last run in the WWE with the "List of Jericho" because I was able to share it with my boys.  

So, I'm excited for AEW and very willing to give it a shot.  Mostly because Jericho legitimized it for me.

PS - I wish I still had my "WCW Monday Night Jericho" t-shirt!

Comment 02 May 2019

Agreed.  Play hard like they've been doing, get up early, and keep him frustrated.  The refs will give him a short leash and he could very easily get frustrated and cost his team.  He's known for it, so let him take himself out (to the box) and make them pay that way.  

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I live in Pickerington.  I believe it's a numbers thing.  They seem to be building houses on every empty lot/field in Pickerington.  It won't be long before there's a need for another HS.  Most likely a Pickerington South, to go along with North & Central.

My boys are 11 & 7 years old and play sports.  Using my 11 year old as an example, on a given Fall Saturday at the sports complex, there would be 6-7 football teams for 11-12 year old boys.  And then there's also 6-8 soccer teams and 6-8 baseball teams for 11-12 year old boys.  And these boys don't crossover in the different sports.  There's just a ton of kids in Pickerington.

My 11 year old son will be entering the 7th grade next year, so he's going to play football for Ridgeview Junior High.  This is the JHS that feeds into Central, so he'll officially be a Tiger this Fall.  His conditioning starts in May for the 7th grade football team.  It should be fun.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Me & my crew were in Vegas when Lewis hit that 3 to beat Xavier.  We all lost our bets for that game, but the huge win made up for it.  The whole sports book we were in were all rooting against the Buckeyes.  Everyone wanted to see the #1 seed go down, but then Lewis hit that huge shot.  We went nuts.  Nothing like being in Vegas for that first weekend of March Madness.