What's Going On In Ann Arbor?

By Chris Lauderback on December 10, 2007 at 7:00 am
Ann Arbor: A city in distress

A search that most are considering botched to this point has the majority of the Michigan alumni and die hard fan base in an uproar. As we know, the process of finding a coach to lead a program you hold near and dear can be a stressful time.

The rumors that fly and the fear or excitement they create when you imagine the rumored coach running your program is a heartburn inducing period that rivals the aftershocks from a White Castle Crave Case at 3am.

Think about it, remember how the Gruden, Belotti and Mason rumors, among others, made you feel? What about when Spielman's name surfaced or when The Vest was officially announced and the subsequent presser? The emotional roller coaster that unfolds churns the gut even when the selection turns out as well as the Tressel Era.

Michigan's search has that usual drama and accompanying acid reflux but its got some extra spice as Bo disciples continue to bash AD Bill Martin and Lloyd Carr for the supposed hijacking of a Les Miles To Michigan Lovefest. A popular thought is Martin either moved to slowly handing Miles the keys and/or Lloyd helped kill the possibility due to an undisclosed beef he has with Miles. Which brings up an obvious question. Assuming that's true, why on Earth does Lloyd have a say in who takes over? Fire, meet Kerosene.

Rutgers is a better job? Wow.

Sprinkle in the knowledge that Greg Schiano turned down the Wolverines and 2.2 mil a year after other names such as Kirk Ferentz and Brian Kelly (supposedly) came and went and UM appears to be left with Cal coach Jim Tedford, former Carr assistant and current Ball State head coach Brady Hoke and current Michigan coordinators, Ron English and Mike DeBord. Yikes. I think. You can never be to sure with success stories like the Tressel hiring.

Anyway, it's highly doubtful any of the current rumors get the job which leads us back to Les Miles. Do you think there's still a chance he ends up in Michigan even if that means Bill Martin is out or Carr's ties to Michigan take another hit?

I personally think there's still a legit shot. From what I've seen, Miles has a little Crazy in him and he probably wanted the UM job but only if truly welcomed. If those, such as Carr don't embrace him, maybe they'll be pushed aside by the majority paving the way for Les to leave LSU in favor of a chance to save Bo's program.

No matter what happens, its nice to know the collective hearburn of the Michigan faithful rages on as they struggle with losing 6 of 7 to Ohio State, dropping 6 of 7 bowls, losing to I-AA Appalachian State and now most likely hosing up a coaching search with the program at a crossroads.