Hmm.. That's Not How I Remembered It

By Jason Priestas on December 6, 2007 at 4:00 pm
Four Mystery PointsMike Hart did score

The university has opened a new online DVD store. If you consider 2 titles a store, that is.

Right now you can purchase the Michigan game or pre-order your copy of the BCS Championship game (wonder how many people pre-ordered last year's championship game?).

For starters, there are links for 11 pages. That's correct, 11 pages, but only 2 titles. The icing, however, is the cover of the Michigan game on the front page shows a score of 14-7.

They did get it right on the product page, so someone over there is paying attention, but they obviously don't have their heart into their work. I can understand getting a YSU score wrong, but the Michigan game?

Pretty soon, we'll get a chance to buy a DVD of that 7 point win over the Illini.

Elsewhere, I did an internet radio interview with the folks at CFB Weekly (thanks, Keith!). I think I only sound like a partial douche as opposed to a complete douche.

Anyway, the good stuff starts around 7:01.