More On Henton And A JHC Sighting

By Jason Priestas on September 26, 2007 at 6:00 am
The Henton StingSurveillance photograph from the Antonio Henton sting

More details are starting to emerge about the Antonio Henton situation. I'm pretty sure the new definition of chutzpah is trying to score with $20 and then being a dollar short to boot. Tressel said all the right (neutral) things at his presser today and hopefully this is just a youthful mistake for the young quarterback, although Spielman wants him gone immediately.

As is often the case, Keith sums it all up pretty well:

"While the offense ranks ultra low on the egregiousness-scale, it ranks stratospheric in terms of embarrassment. Perhaps the best course of action is simply pay the fine, show contrition and somehow work yourself back into the graces of the coaching staff. Kicking him off the team isn't the answer - not for a misdemeanor - and there has been some precedent here."
FacebookHenton took a pass on this Facebook offer to play some putt-putt

Seriously, the guy was busted paying for sex. While it's not something we would necessarily partake in, nor something we endorse, what's worse: the alleged actions of Henton or something like this?

Still, can you imagine some of the road environments should he stick around and earn the starting job some day?

Speaking of Facebook, the JHC is now on ur intarwebs chattin' up ur teenage girls. Cooper is part of the Masters Coaches Poll, a brand-spanking new college football poll that began ranking teams in week 3 and part of the publicity for this poll is that each voter has a profile on Facebook.

The Cooper BoysCooper and LaVell: Separated at birth?

The last thing we need is another college football poll, but this one does have some interesting wrinkles. Besides the week 3 start, which is a great idea (next year's BlogPoll Brian?), each voter is a former coach that knows a thing or two about football. Gene Stallings, Tom Osborne, Hayden Fry, Vince Dooley and others receive a bundle of DVDs containing the weekend's games and then convene on a conference call to argue the rankings out.

This may be my new 2nd favorite poll.

Finally, although reader Dave N makes a great case for the inclusion of ASU over the Hurricanes in our BlogPoll ballot, we think the Hurricanes would win the head-to-head matchup. The Sun Devils are one of our next teams in, though.