A Look Ahead and Albom Pisses Off the South

By Jason Priestas on January 15, 2007 at 11:15 am

The Cleveland Plain Dealer checks in with a look ahead at the Buckeye offense and defense for next season. Most observers are counting on a rather seasoned defense being the strength of the team next year and although the offense was plenty electrifying this year, the contrasting results in The Vest's two national championship games tells us that should be just fine.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Free Press's Mitch Albom has written a scathing article indicting a lot of what is current day college football. We agree with a lot of the things he says, but will leave it at that to keep the sour grape flowing to a minimum. SEC blogs? Not so much. Maybe because he said things like this:

I'm not sure why this is. I don't buy the "SEC is better" argument. First of all, U-M, OSU and Florida recruit nationally, not locally. Secondly, if the SEC is so superior, why did Arkansas and Tennessee -- two of Florida's "impressive" victories -- lose bowls to Big Ten teams?