The End of Highlight Videos on YouTube?

By Jason Priestas on October 26, 2006 at 11:19 pm

EDSBS looks at a post from a blogger that had a YouTube video removed. He received a DMCA [?] complaint from YouTube stating "Collegiate Sports, LLC" claimed he was violating their copyright(s). His Sin? He posted a 15 second video clip of his buddy running around a beach. The video was tagged "florida" and "football" but there were no copyright infringements in the video. Just a friend shooting another at a beach.

It appears Collegiate Sports, LLC is firing off letters to anyone with suspicious tags and some videos have come down. A cursory look still shows plenty of videos with NCAA highlights in them, although some fans are noticing videos disappearing. Hopefully they won't come after Jeff!

UPDATE: Comedy Central has started their scrub of YouTube. So long, YouTube. We hardly knew ya!