Where Art Thou Wooderson?

By Jason Priestas on September 10, 2006 at 2:23 am
Texas Longhorn Fans

I love Matthew Mcconaughey. Dazed and Confused was the formative movie of my formative years. I was all of 19 when it came out and I can still recite 98% of the movie -- line for line. It pained me to see him jumping around on the Longhorn sideline hoping in vain for a 2nd half, home team comeback.

With that out of the way, the rest of last night turned out perfect. Friends we've made since moving to Chicago stopped over for the game and the food and drinks were plentiful. At one point during the night, I was so elated that I offered to buy rounds at the bar for the rest of 2006 if tOSU were to pull off the win. As the night progressed and it became evident that I would be incurring significant bar expenses these last three months, I began placing certain conditions on the offer: beers must come from a bar in Rogers Park, up to five (5) a night, etc. Whatever. Even if I do have to shell out for beers the rest of the year, the win was worth it.

Aside from proving, once and for all that Jason Whitlock smokes way too much tree, the big win offered:

  • Once again, Jim Tressel has proven why he has to be considered the best coach in the game. All you ever hear about are the sweater vests, but the man delivers and always has his teams ready. Ironic that on the same day JT was getting another big win, the Ball Coach was getting handed a shutout. Even so, much of the national press would probably say Spurrier is a better coach..
  • Vince Young was that good. Colt McCoy gave his best shot, but in the end, the difference between the two games are VY.
  • Troy Smith continued his Heisman march. Last year I said that Smith would have a Charlie Ward-like year his senior year and he's well on his way. No word on whether he'll ball for the Knicks.
  • Their rush defense was stellar and our rush defense looked pretty weak, especially early on. I don't know how Texas didn't rush the ball every snap last night. JT would have if he were on the other sideline.
  • The Big Ten crew on-hand last night did their best to help Texas out. I was sure they'd remember the job the Big 12 crew did on us last year in Columbus and return the favor, but that helmet-to-helmet call was crap.
  • Animal's son, is turning into a real animal himself. The forced fumble and interception in the 3rd were simply HUGE.

Ultimately, I think the moment I realized we would be okay is when I saw King James on the sideline.