How Buckeye Are You: These Students Know Their Ohio State History. Sort of.

By TJ Neer on April 20, 2017 at 3:05 pm

A huge round of applause to Jay, who I believe is our first-ever contestant to answer all questions correctly.

While editing, I could feel those #WellActually's building up. So, let's get started parsing them out.

Ohio State's original colors, which were sued in the university's first graduation, were Scarlet and Gray. The original recommendation was orange and black, but the committee decided against it because those were Princeton's colors.

The oldest building on campus was University Hall. It was completed in 1873, 20 years before the completion of Orton and Hayes Halls. However, it was deemed structurally unsafe in 1968, torn down, and rebuilt. So, University Hall would have been the first building on campus, making it the oldest, but in their current forms, Orton and Hayes Halls are older.

(We gave both contestants the correct ding anyways.)

Dr. Gee was, in fact, a president of Ohio State University, but he goes by E. Gordon Gee, not just Gordon Gee. Jay was close enough, especially seeing as we counted "Dr. Gee" as a correct response.

Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, and Zayn Malik did not ever serve as president. Thankfully.

And finally, Scarlet did win the Spring Game. No #WellActually there, I just wanted an excuse to throw in this clip of Jacob Jarvis making his case for 2017 Heisman contention.

He'll just have to edge out Demario McCall.

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