The Best Damn Bathrooms in the Land: No. 6, The Ohio Union

By David Wertheim on April 25, 2020 at 11:05 am
The Ohio Union's second-floor facilities check in at No. 6.

The Best Damn Bathrooms in the Land is Eleven Warriors' necessary and hard-hitting quest to find the best places to go at The Ohio State University.

In my almost three years at Ohio State, I've had the pleasure of using restrooms all over our beautiful campus, from the river to High Street and Lane to King.

But not all bathrooms are created equally, even at The Ohio State University. Some have great natural light. Others have roomy stalls. And others are in prime locations suited for quick access and egress.

I've done the dirty work for you, and have put together a list of the 10 best bathrooms in academic and multi-use buildings on campus.


  • Cleanliness (50 points): Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Aesthetics (20 points): Is it inviting? Is it a pleasure to visit?
  • Size (10 points): How big is the bathroom? Does it provide handicap stalls?
  • Location (10 points): Campus bathrooms have to be easy to find.
  • Supply (10 points): Are paper towels, soap, and toilet paper adequately stocked? 

#6, Ohio Union (Second Floor)

We continue our countdown with the Ohio Union, a marvelous construct hailed as the spotlight of south campus. 

Located on the west side of High Street and the east side of College Road, the current building, which opened in 2010, features meeting rooms, three restaurants, large banquet halls, a computer lab, offices, and much more. 

Basically the mecca of south campus, the Union sits a stones throw away from Smith-Steeb dining hall, the Moritz Law School, and Hagerty Hall. Thousands of students pass by or through the building each day.

So it's only fitting that the bathrooms be pristine, right? 

When you walk into a bathroom, you have to ask yourself a question: Do I want to be here? When it comes to the Union, it was a resounding yes. 

The Union bathrooms are interesting. All of them are good, but the second-floor john takes the cake. With scarlet and gray checkered patterns on the walls, there is an immediate sense of Buckeye pride that you get in this bathroom, but don't see in others. 

Another major plus with this bathroom is the location. When you walk up the magnificent staircase from the first floor to the second floor of the Union, the bathroom is immediately visible on one's left side. Despite it being easy to find, it is also impeccably clean. The Union staff works constantly in a rotation to ensure that all the bathrooms in the building (there are at least six by my count) are always pristine. 

The one knock on this bathroom is that there are no windows, thus creating no natural light. Another knock is that it's not very big. You certainly don't get the incredibly roomy experience you see in other bathrooms on this list. 

Overall, it's a very solid, well-rounded bathroom, and good enough for the sixth spot in our rankings.

Rating: 93/100

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