Campus Connection: Morrill Tower

By David Wertheim on October 5, 2017 at 7:25 pm
Morrill Tower
Ohio State University

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With a direct view into Ohio Stadium, Morrill Tower has been a staple at Ohio State since its completion in 1967.

The tower was named after Justin S. Morrill, a U.S. Representative from Vermont who proposed an act before Congress that would have states sell public land in order to provide an endowment for a state university. The bill was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and made available the initial funds to start The Ohio State University in 1870. 

Unlike its counterpart, Lincoln Tower, which is mostly offices, Morrill is home to a Campus Store, a Traditions dining facility, and is used solely for residential housing. 

Morrill Tower is composed of 23 floors. The bottom floor (which is actually floor #2) is the Traditions restaurant and campus store. Floor #3 is the lobby, and Floors 4-23 are all residential. Each residential floor has a laundry room, an RA single room, and cleaning supply closets.

"We're better than Lincoln. Traditions doesn't taste very good, but it is better than nothing," freshman Anoop Hans said. "People told me I wouldn't like living in Morrill that much, but it's really fun. I love my suitemates."

In Morrill, each room is in a cluster with three other rooms, termed a 'suite.' Most rooms have two people in each, for a total of eight in the suite. However, some rooms have as many as four each for a total of 16. Other suites also have three rooms of two and one room of four for a total of 10. 

"I have four people in my room and 10 in my suite. I love it. It's a lot easier to make friends and I really enjoy hanging out with everybody. Plus we get our own bathroom, which is nice," Hans said. 

While some residents complain that the residence is too far away from their classes, they also appreciate the Traditions built within, as well as the very close proximity to the campus rec center (the rPAC) and Ohio Stadium. And also, air conditioning is a huge plus.

"The decor is certainly a little old, but at least we have air conditioning. I don't know if I could live without that," Hans said.

For more information on Morrill Tower, visit the official website here.

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