11 Injured, Suspect Killed By Police Following Attack With Vehicle, Knife on Ohio State's North Campus

By Eric Seger on November 28, 2016 at 1:37 pm
Nine individuals injured in attack on Ohio State's campus on Monday, suspect shot and killed.

Eleven individuals were hospitalized on Monday following an attack on north campus at The Ohio State University, President Michael Drake confirmed in a press conference outside Wexner Medical Center.

“A vehicle ran into a group of pedestrians, people gathered on a street corner, resulting in several injuries,” Drake said. “The driver got out and then used a weapon to cut several people who were then transported to several hospitals.”

The male suspect has been shot and is deceased, the university said in a statement. Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said authorities did not have enough information initially to determine if the suspect was a student. The weapon was described by police at the press conference as a "butcher knife," Jacobs said.

NBC News later reported the suspect was an 18-year-old student.

The nine people hospitalized have non-life threatening injuries, according to officials at Wexner Medical Center, Riverside Hospital and Grant Hospital. Eight people were treated initially before a ninth came later with injuries. Ohio State reported later Monday afternoon the total of individuals that received medical attention for injuries in the attack rose to 11.

A Wexner Medical Center spokesman said the injuries were concurrent with stab wounds, wounds by motor vehicle and other injuries that continue to be evaluated. He said that "most" of the victims are awake and speaking with authorities.

The incident occurred at Watts Hall around 9:52 a.m., located on the corner of College Avenue and 19th Avenue of Ohio State's campus. At 9:53 a.m., an Ohio State police officer reported they heard gunshots and saw the suspect leave their vehicle, University Director of Public Safety Monica Moll said.

The suspect then left his car—a silver Honda Civic—and proceeded to cut multiple people, before being shot and killed by the officer. There were reports of a second suspect, which resulted in a search throughout north campus, particularly in the Lane Avenue parking garage.

Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone said the area was canvassed and another suspect was not found, leaving authorities and the university to determine there was one suspect, who was pronounced dead on arrival. Two individuals were removed from the parking garage but are no longer considered suspects.

“This is obviously a tragic situation and something that we prepare for every year,” Drake said. “The best that we can do is be prepare and respond appropriately. I want to say that we are so grateful that our police were there on scene and able to neutralize the situation, the injuries were not more severe than they were.

Ohio State canceled classes for the rest of Monday after a 90-minute lockdown was lifted around 11:30 a.m. They are set to resume on Tuesday as regularly scheduled.

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