Eleven Dubcast: Kyle Jones on Why Ohio State Needs to 'Rip It Out, Root and Stem' Defensively After Losing to Michigan

By Andy Vance on November 30, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Ryan Day in the snow at the Big House

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Sonofabitch, the Fightin' Harbaughs played good football and Ohio State played... not good football. This is certainly not the result The Dubcast had in mind heading into the annual renewal of The Greatest Rivalry in All of Sport, but hey, as a globetrotting Alabama running back once said, "It Happens."

Fortunately it only happens once every decade or so, at least this century. Unfortunately, the pain of it happening lasts another 361 miserable days. But hey, who's counting, right??? <sobs unabashedly into the void>

To diagnose what went horribly wrong – and more importantly, how to fix it – The Dubcast welcomes Xs and Os expert Kyle Jones to talk through how Ohio State lost the battle in the trenches, what "toughness" really means, and why Ryan Day has to "rip it out, root and stem" and start over with his defensive staffing this offseason.


0:00 Losing stinks. Losing to That Team Up North is even worse.

3:45 Michigan executed its plan incredibly well, and Ohio State shot itself in the foot too many times.

12:22 Kyle Jones joins the Dubcast to diagnose this disaster. Why do we only bring Jones on when the Buckeyes lose? Sorry Kyle!

19:08 Ohio State looked like it made zero adjustments in the second half. Which is baffling.

22:40 Prior to The Game, Ohio State ostensibly had one of the better offensive lines in the country. Saturday they got bullied in the trenches; Jones explains "toughness."

31:13 Jones breaks down what went sideways defensively, and how Ryan Day has to "start over" in his effort to right this ship this offseason.

58:05 Ask Us Anything!! Did Michigan win the game, or did Ohio State lose the game?

68:46 Quick Cals: The silly season came early! Coaching Carousel is already turning, and it's wild out there, folks.

And that'll do it, thanks as always to Travis for the sweet logo, thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for their incredible hospitality, and thanks to you for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store!

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