Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Men's Basketball is More Fun to Watch Than Ever

By Johnny Ginter on January 26, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State's Zed Key

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The men's basketball team isn't a Final Four squad right now. Yet. At this time.

All of those caveats are generally used to dampen the enthusiasm for What Might Be, but truthfully Andy and I are pretty stoked about Chris Holtmann's squad. It isn't just that they're good (they are), it's that they're fun while also being good, and that is sometimes two separate things in the gauntlet that is Big Ten basketball.

Plus, the nice thing is that virtually every men's basketball blue blood sucks this season, leaving things nice and wide open, the way it should be. In addition to that fun and frivolity, Andy and I talk about Mattison's retirement, and oh heck, it's wrasslin' season. Throw in some Ask Us Anything questions (which you can do at dubcast@elevenwarriors.com) and it's a pretty sweet Dubcast.

0:00 Zed aside, this team is fun as hell and extremely "modern," whatever the hell that means.

28:35 Remember when Gary Traub threw Sammy Sasso off Hell in a Cell and plummeted 16 feet through an announcer's table?

44:35 Bubblicious NBA/CBB/CFB(?) action.

And that'll do it, thanks as always to Travis for the logo, you for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store, and we'll see you next week!

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