Eleven Dubcast: Coach Tom Ryan Never Backs Down From a Challenge

By Johnny Ginter on March 17, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State head wrestling coach Tom Ryan

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When we originally thought to have wrestling head coach Tom Ryan on the Eleven Dubcast, the idea was that we'd ask him to reflect on the Big Ten tournament and then preview the national championships coming up soon after. That was... hmm, let's see... a week ago.

Since then, all sports are basically cancelled forever, but we're having Ryan on anyway dammit! Nationals or no nationals, the wrestling program had a great season and deserves to be celebrated. In addition, hear Ryan's thoughts on what the NCAA should do about athlete eligibility, what communication was like between himself and Ohio State as this crisis has unfolded, and exactly how stir-crazy a guy like him is getting in the midst of all of this.

Plus! Recruiting never sleeps, even for COVID-19, and Ask Us Anything (which you can do via e-mail or Twitter) wants to know our bunker comfort media! All in all it's a great Dubcast, so don't forget to rate and subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.

0:00 What's going on is wild, but the best thing that we can do is to trust the experts and take care of each other.

12:15 Tom Ryan can only walk his dog so many times in a day before the dog has been walked enough. Let's do what we can to get him and his team back on the mat.

37:24 Ryan Day and company will dominate the recruiting trail, virus or no virus. Just a fact of life. Plus, kids shows!

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