Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Must Beat the Best to Be the Best, But That's Just How We Like It

By Johnny Ginter on December 10, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State defensive lineman and Heisman finalist Chase Young

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Okay, yes, in my darkest recesses I will admit that I don't care who Ohio State beats to win a national title; the name on the trophy is the same whether you beat 2001 Miami or 2009 Michigan.

Still, college football is about nothing if not revenge and settling old scores. Not only do I like that Ohio State has a chance to completely demolish any and all doubters, but being able to pay back noted assclown Dabo Swinney for an extremely painful playoff loss is an opportunity that Ryan Day and the Buckeyes should appreciate falling in their laps.

And of course, it isn't just football that's out there kicking ass; men's basketball is ranked 3rd in the country, wrestling just landed a huge recruit, and I hear hockey is still pretty good too? Things are looking up!

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0:00 The Kings of the North are about to head south, but let's savor the victory for just a little bit. Plus: Heisman action!

35:02 Holy heck, men's basketball is doing some damn things.

46:10 Ask Us Anything wants to know if Ryan Day will ever win another Big Ten Coach of the Year Award. No. He won't.

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