Eleven Dubcast: Nobody Has It Better Than Ohio State Right Now After a Michigan Drubbing

By Johnny Ginter on December 3, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State wideout Chris Olave

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Ohio State beating Michigan for the 8th time in a row is a minor miracle, and instead we've got to waste time talking about big dumb babies on the internet. Every picosecond spent being annoyed at another in a long line of Michigan fans who've lost all grip on sanity is time wasted that we could be spending on talking about how badass Justin Fields is or why J.K. Dobbins is legitimately one of the greatest Ohio State running backs of all time.

But we do it a little anyway before vrooming off into that Indianapolis sunset to talk about the upcoming Big Ten Championship tilt against Wisconsin, and not before we get into a super amazing regular season finale that validated a lot that we loved about Ohio State all season.

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0:00 YEAAAHHH BABY! *fires imaginary guns into the air*

22:25 This section is entirely about a group of people that really don't deserve the attention.

35:41 Going back to Indy, going back to Indy, going back to Indy... yes I think so. Plus Ask Us Anything! It's great!

And that'll do it! Thanks as always to Travis for the cool logo, thanks to you for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store, and we'll see you next week!

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