Eleven Dubcast: Gearing Up for the Season's First Real Test As Ohio State Hits the Road to Happy Valley

By Johnny Ginter on September 25, 2018 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State players Dwayne Haskins and J.K. Dobbins

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I'll stop talking about Dwayne Haskins when Dwayne Haskins stops being awesome. Actually, no I won't, because all available evidence suggests that for him to stop being awesome would take some kind of Herculean effort on the part of an opposing defense, and I'd still have something to talk about in that event.

Anyway, it's Penn State week. Your friend and mine Andy Vance is filling in for Beau this week, and boy howdy do we have some #content. Maybe all the Dwayne talk is to distract us from the gigantic creeping sadness that is the possibility of losing Nick Bosa for the season, and maybe it's a way of coping with the semi-real possibility that Ohio State might lose for the first time all year (but... probably not), but hell, it's fun anyway.

Andy and I also get into some coaching succession talk, answer some very quality Ask Us Anything questions (which you can do via Twitter or e-mail), and profess our undying love to home and home matchups.

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0:00 Tulane was meh! So let's talk about how awesome some Ohio State players are instead.

10:52 Nick? Nick?? NIIIIIIICCCCK!!

22:25 Ask Us Anything and our Three Things for Penn State (which Andy brings some delightful statistical backup to this week).

And that'll do it! Thanks again to Andy for filling in, thanks to Travis for our logo, thanks to MyBookie for helping keep the lights on, and as always, thanks to you for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store. See y'all next week!

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